• Hiring for Potential - How to Spot Soft Skills and Hire a Candidate You Can Mold Into a High Performerce

    According to the Harvard Business Review, potential is the most important predictor of success when hiring. Unfortunately, many organizations pass over high-potential candidates because they focus too much on previous work experience.

    Join Laura Lloyd, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they reveal what to look for in a candidate—beyond the resume—to identify “raw talent” and future high performance.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Why focusing on candidates who look “great on paper” can be a flawed hiring strategy
    • How to identify the soft skills a candidate should have to align with the job requirements and company culture
    • Why hiring a high performer from the competition often backfires
    • The interview questions you can ask to uncover a candidate’s soft skills and identify if they’re compatible for the job
  • 5 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships with Your Most Profitable Accounts

    The number one way to grow revenue is to sell more to existing accounts. That requires your sales reps and account managers to develop strong customer relationships with your organization’s key clients.

    Join Marcia Neese, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they walk you through the 5 tips to help your team build stronger customer relationships—and tap into the growth opportunity of your organization’s most essential accounts.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How to prioritize accounts so your team members are spending their time and energy in the right places
    • The communication strategy top-performing sales reps use to make buyers feel comfortable and trusting
    • Why "not selling" can lead to improved sales in the long-term
    • The fatal flaw most reps make when building a relationship with key accounts
  • Confidence is important in any position, but it’s especially important in a sales role. When your salespeople are confident, it builds confidence in your prospects and customers, and removes any doubts or fears they may have around your offerings.

    Join Steve Hackett, Regional VP of Sales and Rich Recchio, Director of Marketing, as they reveal 6 tips you can use to boost your sales team’s confidence and improve their performance.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Why a culture of trust is critical for a confident sales team—and how to build one
    • Ways that sales leaders can instill confidence and certainty in their team members
    • Tips for helping reps quickly rebound from a loss and get back in the game
    • Why mastering the fundamentals is the first step to delivering impactful and successful sales presentations
  • The Simple Formula Your Salespeople Can Use to Master Storytelling and Outsell the Competition promo

    Humans have been using the art of storytelling for thousands of years to tap into their listeners’ emotions and convey a memorable message. Your salespeople can master this age-old technique to vividly illustrate a point, make their sales presentations stand out from the competition, and move a customer into action. Join Lisa Rose, RVP of Sales, and Anita Greenland, VP of Sales as they “demystify” storytelling with a simple formula your salespeople can use in every presentation they deliver.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • The 5 critical elements that make up an engaging and persuasive story—and an easy way to remember them!
    • Key components to incorporate into a story to appeal to a buyer’s logic AND emotions
    • How your sales reps can use storytelling to condense complex information into simple, easy-to-understand ideas
    • The Goldilocks principle: balancing length, humor, and scripted content to deliver the perfect story that hits home with an audience
  • IMPACT-U Online Sales Training - Product Demo

    IMPACT-U Online Sales Training Product Demo Webinar

    Have you been thinking about online sales training, but haven't gotten around to researching it yet? If so, you're in luck!

    Access the recording of the live demo presentation of IMPACT-U® — the eLearning program that's changed the game in online sales training (and that just received a Gold Omni Award in the Educational category!)

    This short webinar provides a high-level look at the IMPACT-U platform, and the design features that set it apart from the passive, boring eLearning of yesterday.

    What is Covered?

    We touch on our process of adapting the top-ranked IMPACT Selling®system to an interactive online platform, and then dive into the program to see the training in action. 

    "This program really brings IMPACT to life. The Brooks Group's eLearning platform manages to deliver what many others can't: uniquely useful information presented in an extremely interactive, entertaining, and vibrant package. This is not your grandfather's eLearning!"

    Richard Williams
    Director of Training & Development
    Charles Aris Inc.
  • How to Use Sales Interview Questions to Uncover a Candidate's True Potential

    We've all experienced the sales candidate who aced the interview, but tanked once you signed them onto your sales team. It's your job to ask the right kind of targeted interview questions to reveal if someone really has what it takes to perform well in your selling environment.

    Join Laura Lloyd, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they walk you through the strategies and techniques for asking sales interview questions that give you the best insight for making the right hiring decision.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How to align your interview questions with what the position requires for success
    • Tips for finding out how motivated a candidate actually is by making money
    • Ways to determine if a sales candidate will be a good fit for your team and culture
    • Specific techniques to craft interview questions that get a "true" response
  • The role of a sales leader is one of the toughest in the business. The end goal is to lead a team to produce profitable revenue, but with the barrage of emails, endless meetings, and daily fires to put out, it can feel like an uphill battle.

    Join Steve Hackett, RVP of Sales and Will Brooks, COO, as they deliver a crash course on boosting your day-to-day productivity in a sales leadership role.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • The common mistakes that sales leaders make that suck up their time and energy
    • How to effectively draw boundaries on your time while still being available for your team
    • The coaching cadence that allows you to get better results in less time
    • How to structure your meetings to drive engagement from your team-and take back your calendar
  • We’ve all heard it – if we want to grow our businesses we have to focus on millennials! But with all the focus on one age group, we risk excluding the four other generations that are currently in the workforce. Today’s sales training should be adapted to accommodate the way people (of all ages) learn in the modern era.

    Join Anita Greenland, Vice President of Client Services at The Brooks Group, and Ann Iverson, Sr. Instructional Designer at Allen Interactions, as they define what the modern learner needs, and how to incorporate it into your sales training.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Why focusing all your attention on millennials can negatively impact your sales training ROI
    • How technology has changed the way ALL age groups live, work, and learn
    • The 3 key characteristics that make up the winning formula for modern learning
    • Ways modern learning techniques can be incorporated into a variety of sales training delivery methods—from live, classroom training to online platforms
  • How to Prioritize Accounts to Create a Business Plan that Hits the Target

    Your salespeople have one-million-and-one things to do—and a limited number of hours in a day to do them. Make sure they know exactly where they should be spending their time by helping them strategically prioritize their accounts. Join Lisa Rose, RVP of Sales and Will Brooks, COO, as they walk you through best practices for identifying accounts with the greatest return on investment—so you can help your reps create and execute on a business plan that hits the number.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:

    • Some of the most common reasons sales reps fail to hit their quarterly and yearly targets – and how to address them
    • The two most important criteria to consider when prioritizing accounts
    • An easy formula your salespeople can use to predict an account’s level of payoff
    • The most effective way to rank accounts and develop a strategic action plan for hitting target
  • Every sales professional has been there; the frustrating experience of trying to re-engage a prospect that’s gone cold. The initial call seemed to go well, so why did they suddenly fall off the map? Join Laura Lloyd, Regional VP of Sales, and Anita Greenland, VP of Client Experience as they reveal four simple techniques your salespeople can use immediately to warm up prospects that have gone cold, and keep them moving swiftly through the pipeline.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • The crucial step that needs to be taken before any time is spent trying to revive an inactive lead
    • The types of emails disengaged prospects actually want to see in their inbox
    • How to bypass the other messages that are taking your prospect’s attention
    • Tactics your salespeople can use to make their prospect’s life easier—and move the sale forward to the close
  • Hiring the wrong salesperson leads to a major loss for your sales organization. Not only in the enormous dollar figure, but in lost time, energy, and team morale. Join Tony Smith, Regional Vice President of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they uncover the mistakes most hiring teams make when selecting sales talent—and more importantly—what you can do to avoid them.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • The most common hiring mistakes that even top sales organizations fall prey to
    • Exactly what’s at risk when you hire a salesperson based on their “likeability”
    • Onboarding tips to make sure your time and effort in the hiring process don’t go to waste
    • The crucial step you need to take before you even begin your search for a sales candidate
  • Are your salespeople saying and doing things that invite prospects and customers to question their price? Join us on our next briefinar to uncover the most common discount-encouraging mistakes salespeople make, and how to stop them so your reps can make selling at premium price a habit.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How timing plays a role in presenting price—and how to recognize the sweet spot for asking for the sale
    • Coaching tips to address the root cause of why your sales reps aren’t confident when presenting price to prospects and customers
    • The “price cushioning” mistake that every salesperson has made at some point—and how to avoid it
    • Specific words and phrases to avoid when presenting price, and effective ones to replace them with
  • How to Develop a 4 Step Action Plan for Achieving Sales Target

    As we round out the first half of the year, is your sales team where it needs to be to hit your 2017 goals? Tune in to learn how to turn summer downtime into an opportunity to regroup, recalibrate, and fine tune your sales engine for 3rd and 4th quarter. Discover how to develop an action plan to hit your sales targets by the end of the year, and ramp up quickly after the summertime lull many of us experience.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How to turn the problem of slowed summer business into an opportunity for your sales team
    • Tools you can use to "take the temperature" on where your sales team stands today, in relation to achieving your year-end target
    • Specific ways to course correct on your original strategy to be successful for the balance of the year
    • Tips for setting a coaching cadence to make sure your salespeople are engaging in the right high-gain activities with the right prospects
  • 5 Actionable Strategies to Improve Overall Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

    Join Tony and Will as they walk through the steps of creating a standardized hiring and recruitment process that can be used with every new member you bring onto your team. Learn how best-in-class companies take a developmental approach to new hire success, and how to clearly define and map out an employee’s career path.

    Attend this discussion and walk away with:
    • Interviewing best practices to spot candidates likely to succeed in your organization
    • Hiring tools best-in-class companies use to hire and retain top performers
    • Tips to immediately improve your onboarding programs to get new hires ramped up quickly
    • Easy-to-use templates for conducting successful one-to-one sales coaching sessions
    • 5 action items to improve engagement and retention rates of your top performers
  • How to Radically Improve Your Team’s Sales Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

    Is your sales team using every minute of their day in the most productive way possible? A little bit of organization now will have a huge impact on how productive your salespeople are tomorrow, next month, even next quarter.

    In 19, hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • A method to clearly define your account segments so your team knows exactly where their focus should be
    • How to get a baseline reading of your team’s current focus to determine where changes should be made
    • The best way to create and execute a plan to keep your team focused and on track for meeting their targets
  • How to Fight Sales Turnover with Your Onboarding Strategy

    Are you accepting the constant churn of sales force turnover as unavoidable? The truth is, you can radically reduce your sales turnover—by recognizing where the real issue begins. A tight onboarding process lays the tracks for salespeople to get up to speed quickly, and stay on course with your company for the long haul.

    In 19, hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How to make sure you’re putting your money (and time, and energy) behind the right people
    • Why it’s important to involve your existing employees in the onboarding process, and ways to get them engaged
    • How to establish trust, and use onboarding as an opportunity for culture building
    • The secret to turning past turnover issues into a successful retention strategy
  • Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting Techniques of Top Sales Performers

    According to Forbes, 78% of salespeople using social media outperform their peers. Still, many B2B sellers don’t take advantage of LinkedIn’s powerful prospecting techniques to produce a steady stream of leads.

    Join social selling expert Kurt Shaver in this fast-paced, no-fluff session to learn how to:
    • Have LinkedIn send you "Bluebird" leads
    • Get more referrals to new prospects
    • Mine LinkedIn posts to find prospects
  • Sales Incentives... What Works and What Doesn’t

    Adding sales incentives is a great way to boost your team’s performance—but only if you’re doing it right. Find out which incentives are the most effective, and how to stay within budget while offering prizes that really motivate your team.

    In 19, hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Why cash isn’t always an effective incentive, and better alternatives that provide long-term motivational value
    • Intangible sales incentives that are low cost for the organization, but still motivate salespeople to perform
    • How to understand what motivates individual salespeople and use that to build an effective incentive program
  • The 3 Types of Nightmare Sales Reps… And How to Coach Them

    Are difficult salespeople holding you back? Find out what makes them tick and the coaching strategies that will engage them and put you back in control.

    In 19, hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • The top 3 most difficult sales rep ‘types’ that create management challenges
    • What their behavior really says about their underlying motivators
    • The risks these types can pose to the team if not coached correctly
    • How to tap into their motivators to coach them in the best way possible
  • Revealing True Money Motivation in Your Sales Candidates

    Most sales candidates will tell you they’re driven by money, but how can you be sure they aren’t just paying you lip service? Learn how to uncover true drive and motivation before you invest your resources in the wrong hire.

    In 19, hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Specific, EEO compliant questions to get clear about a candidate’s money motivation
    • Ways to find out how your candidates define "a lot of money" and how their perception impacts your bottom line
    • How to adjust compensation to effectively motivate your reps
  • Make Lost Deals Work for You: 5 Steps to an Effective Postmortem

    When a long sales cycle ends in defeat, it can feel like you’ve lost more than just the deal. But there’s a lot to be gained from a miss. Make sure your salespeople can brush themselves off quickly and capitalize on the experience with an effective post-sale analysis.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • How to find out what’s really under the surface when you hear “Your price was too high”
    • Strategies for getting useful and honest feedback from opportunities after a rejection
    • The mindset your salespeople must adopt to turn a loss into a profitable lesson
    • How a defeat can set you up for future business opportunities with the same organization
  • 4 Key Tips for Attracting and Hiring Millennials for Sales Positions

    Millennial hires will be the people who grow your brand and organization into the future. As an employer, you must embrace this reality or be left behind. Discover how to develop a framework for attracting bright and ambitious millennial talent, and learn tips for finding candidates who will be loyal and motivated to succeed in your sales organization.

    In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:
    • Where to go to look for bright young talent with a basic knowledge of selling skills
    • How to create an authentic company culture that’s tailored to your ideal hire
    • The secret to tapping into a millennial’s motivators and aligning them with the requirements of the position
    • Steps you can take to build your employer brand and attract the talent that will grow your organization into the future
  • Signs & Symptoms of the Wrong Sales Focus

    Do your sales reps have the right sales focus? Join Jeb Brooks and Anita Greenland, from The Brooks Group, as they discuss:

    • What we mean by a sales focus
    • What the symptoms of a wrong sales focus look like
    • What sales leaders can do to shift their team's focus
    • The essential question to ask in order to re-frame your approach

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