In-Person IMPACT Selling® Professional Sales Training Program


A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals

In this in-person, instructor-led program your salespeople will learn a straightforward sales process that will get them closing more deals, more often.

Is your team working remotely or in a hybrid environment?

In a live, in-person classroom your salespeople will learn a consultative selling approach that’s simple, flexible, and buyer-focused.

“We were looking for a sales training organization to partner with us – not just on providing sales training but for helping us develop a better sales culture.”


-Bob Butrymowicz

Dealer Development Business Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment

Why Choose the IMPACT Selling Professional Sales Training Program?

The repeatable steps of the IMPACT business sales training program will allow your sales team to meet prospects and customers where they are in the buying process to maintain alignment, build credibility, improve the predictability of your sales funnel, and engage in meaningful dialogue that progresses the sale.

Our IMPACT sales training plan will give your team the tools to research and connect with your target corporate business and buyer persona, ask the right questions, and listen to understand their business challenges. They will have more effective sales calls, have more success finding & gaining leads, and connect with people making purchasing decisions in a way that leads to more closed business.

The IMPACT Selling process is defined by 6 straightforward learning steps:

Behind IMPACT’s simplicity is a powerful selling methodology that enables reps & their teams to engage in high-level corporate sales conversations that convert more buyers.

Client Testimonial

“The Brooks Group IMPACT sales process has helped our company establish a common language and methodology among our sales team and management. The customized training and facilitation allowed us to train at a pace that was most effective for our group and the ongoing coaching calls have reinforced the methodology in real-life situations.

Ultimately, we have been able to create more value for our customers which allows us to support a culture based on consultative versus transactional selling.”


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Chris Trevey
President/CEO, Carlton Scale

Program Benefits

Greater ROI for Your Organization through Proactive Recommendations
Increased sales revenue and greater margin
Improved Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
Shortened sales cycles to reduce time-to-close
A Smooth Transition
Clarity of goals all the way from the tactical to the strategic level
Empowered Customer Service Professionals Who Are Confident Handling Complaints and Presenting Solutions

Better pre-call planning and positioning skills

Greater Depth of Support with a Dedicated Support Team

Improved communication with different buying styles

Greater Access to Subject Matter Experts

Instructor-led training program that’s easily applied in the real world

Program Reinforcement



Reinforcement after an IMPACT Selling® training includes a 3 month subscription to our interactive digital library, BrooksUP. This includes a 10-week post-live playbook and flashdrills for ongoing learning and practice.

A Simple Framework Designed to Fit Your Needs

The beauty of the IMPACT Selling sales training program is its simplicity. There are no complex theories for your sales team to learn and translate, just straightforward, actionable sales training skills and strategies they can apply to opportunities the very next day to improve their overall success & leadership. 

The simple selling framework can be easily adapted and designed to reflect your organization’s real-world sales environment and your business sales training needs.

The benefits of customized in-person sales training programs include:

  • Targeted skills training on your team’s & business’s specific challenge areas
  • Increased buy-in from your sales reps
  • Improved engagement levels during the training program
  • Greater likelihood for new knowledge and selling skills to get applied in the field
  • Significantly higher retention levels 6 months post-sales training

Partner with an Award-Winning Corporate Sales Enablement Provider

The Brooks Group is recognized on a consistent basis as a front-runner in the sales performance industry. The credibility of our methodology and implementation is backed up by our clients’ success and the awards our program receives on a continuous basis.

2023 Selling Power Sales Training Award

Award Received for the following years:

professional sales training

Award Received for the following years:

professional sales training

Award Received for the following years:

Ready to equip your team with a sales process proven to get results? Let’s start a conversation.

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