Professional, Corporate Sales Training That Solves Your Real Sales Challenges

Enable Your Sales Team to Be Successful with Customized Sales Training and Development Programs

A sales training program that results in ongoing improved sales performance must be: 

Off the shelf professional sales training requires your sales team to translate general concepts to their selling situation. A customized sales training program from The Brooks Group teaches your sales team exactly what they need to do every day with clients and customers in order to be more effective.

The Brooks Group Embeds IMPACT Selling into Your Day-to-Day Operations

Successful corporate sales training starts with an in-depth customization process. We conduct in-the-field research to build your unique training program designed around your selling environment.

Your sales team is trained with content that directly address the obstacles they deal with on a daily basis. The training is carried over once they’re back in the field with targeted coaching and reinforcement.

Do You Really Need Customized Sales Training? 

Sales Training

The Brooks Group Customized Sales Training

  • Classroom Delivery
    Message Sent, But…

    Of course any reputable training firm will "deliver" 100% of the training you purchased to your sales team. But delivered ain't received. That's why the greatest obstacle to communication is the illusion that it has taken place. 

    "Sending" the RIGHT Content…

    Of course we also will deliver 100% of your training. But our real concern is that 100% of the delivered training is customized and focused on empowering your team to overcome their real sales challenges.

  • Comprehension
    Non-Customized Training = Lost In Translation

    The science of adult learning shows the crucial relationship between understanding and relevance -- useful content is understood and remembered.  Over 1/3rd of non‑customized sales training is lost in translation when the training doesn't match the salesperson's everyday reality.

    Customized Training = Message Recieved & Embraced

    When learners can apply their previous experience to the content, their ability to understand and retain dramatically increases. Customized training from The Brooks Group provides swipe-and-deploy tools for overcoming your tream's real sales obstacles, making it highly relevant and easy to grasp.

  • 24-Hour Retention
    Hardwired to Forget…

    On average, and according to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, learners retain only 33% of new content after 24 hours. That's 2/rds of the training content slipping right out of your teams memory! This is why one-off training events are so inneffective: without reinforcement, most of it slips away by lunch the next day. 

    Some Information Sticks…

    Where were you when you head about 9-11? Two-thirds of that memory didn't go away in 24-hours did it? Highly relevant info sticks around. This is why customized training matters -- the more you make it really solve problems for a sales team, the more of it they'll not only understand but retain. 

  • 3 Month Retention
    60% + 15%
    So Much for Online Reinforcement …

    Can online reinforcement improve retention of new knowledge? Sure. Under no-stress, non-social situations, your team will recall the information that was reinforced in that manner.  What about reinforcing actual sales skills?  Not so much.

    Real-Time Sales Coaching FTW…

    Real time group sales coaching provides challenge‑based and socially reinforced training and coaching that strengthens understanding and gets your people applying new skills to their current prospects.

  • Applied
    Never Applied
    Not Coached to Use
    Are Your Managers Reinforcing the Training?

    New skills, procedures, and tactics can remain uncomfortable even after they've been coached, tried, and proven successful. It's what makes change hard. Sales Manager reinforcement makes the difference, without it, more than half of what gets tried never gets routinely applied.

    Sales Manager As Sales Coach

    Your Brooks Group sales coach doesn't just coach your sales team, he's also teaching your sales managers how to take over the sales coaching long-term. Now your team and your managers are speaking the same sales language and reinforcing the applied skills required for bottom-line success.

  • In Use
    Unused Over Time
    Unused Over Time
    Did Your Training Become Operationalized?

    When the change created by training isn't embedded into the operations and culture, so as to become the "new normal," it'll get gradually cherry-picked and worn away by the inertia of the old way of doing this. That's why typical training makes no lasting impact

    Fully Operationalized Sales Training…

    We help your to operationalize your sales training and sales management training by threading them into your existing systems: your CRM, your hiring, your sales forecasting. And this helps ensure sustainability of your improvements and your bottom-line results. 

Most sales training allows too much leakage and loss at every step for new selling skills to be translated to bottom-line results. That's what the infographic illustrates above. Sure 100% of off-the-shelf sales training may be delivered, but only a small percentage of that ever gets routinely applied.

We believe you and your sales team deserve better. You deserve training that's not just customized to your sales environment, but that's focused on your real sales obstacles. Obstacles like:


Salespeople Aren't Having Business Conversations


Salespeople Aren’t Having Business Conversations

Your salespeople must be seen as strategic solution providers in the eyes of your prospects and customers. Value building and negotiation training will help your new and senior reps strategically align with customers and have better business conversations. Improved conversations lead to better customer service and greater sales opportunities.

Elevate Your Team's Business Conversations

Sales Managers Aren’t Leading and Coaching Effectively


Sales Managers Aren’t Leading and Coaching Effectively

Managers should be coaching reps. Without the right processes it doesn’t happen, and without hiring the right people to begin with, coaching can be an exercise in futility. The right assessment and sales process makes effective coaching an organizational strength. The assessments ensure you not only hire the right people, but also understand how to communicate with them once they’re on your team.

Sales Managers Aren't Leading and Coaching Effectively

Underperforming Channel Partners Are Preventing Growth


Underperforming Channel Partners Are Preventing Growth

Without direct authority over your dealers’ front-line reps, driving revenue growth through distribution can be challenging. We’ve developed a method for creating a win-win for you and your dealers.

Underperforming Channel Partners Are Preventing Growth

Sales Team Lacks Unification and a Common Process and Language


Sales Team Lacks Unification and a Common Process and Language

If your forecasting is inaccurate and your sales managers aren’t giving you a clear understanding of what’s really getting done in the field, the root problem may be an inconsistent sales language and sales process. Productive conversations about the sales process only happen when everyone uses common and consistent language.

Standardize Your Sales Process

A Disruptor in Your Industry or Marketplace is Forcing Your Sales Team to Adapt


A Disruptor in Your Industry or Marketplace is Forcing Your Sales Team to Adapt

Government regulations, mergers, military cuts, or unpredicted shifts in the marketplace require an updated sales strategy. When your organization is forced to sell new solutions to new customers, you need a plan and the right sales process. Only once your sales team is strategically aligned can you make that transition successfully.

Adapt to and Overcome Your Disruption

High Sales Turnover is Holding You Back


High Sales Turnover is Holding You Back

A hiring mistake can cost you in lost time, resources, and opportunities, but sometimes even the candidates that seem to be well-qualified end up tanking. Whether you have a challenging sales environment, an underdeveloped onboarding and coaching program, or just a lack of quality hiring resources, you need the tools to help you identify, hire, and retain top talent.

Stop Turnover Cold, Start Hiring Runs

Customized corporate sales training translates learned practices into the new normal for your sales team. Let The Brooks Group bring your most effective sales culture to life by confronting your greatest challenges and integrating the solution throughout your entire sales organization.

"The content was relatable and presented in a way that will make it easy to incorporate into our daily routine. The handouts provided are excellent to help guide us through the process"

—Cindy Parkes, Senior Account Manager, MOL America

"They knew our industry and applied the materials accordingly."

—Cam Krempulec, Territory Mangager, Kavo Canada

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