Sales Questioning Skills That Win More Deals

Your team may be leaving sales opportunities on the table. That’s because most sellers overlook a highly effective tactic to improve sales results: sales questioning. Successful sellers are better at asking effective sales questions, probing customer needs and wants, and uncovering real business challenges.

In this webinar, Michelle Richardson, VP, Sales Performance Research, and Corey McKizzie, Director of Sales Effectiveness, of The Brooks Group share the most effective sales questioning approaches for better sales discovery.

You’ll learn:

  • Most effective questioning approaches (and least!)
  • How to dive deeper to uncover buyer needs and wants, pain points, and potential roadblocks
  • Sales discovery skills and strategies
  • Coaching strategies to improve sales team questioning

Watch this webinar to learn how to improve your teams’ questioning skills so they can build stronger rapport with prospects, position solutions more effectively, and close more deals.

Webinar speakers:

Corey McKizzie
Michelle Richardson Webinar Speaker VP of Sales Performance Research

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