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Managing a Multigenerational Sales Team- 10 Trends for Sales Leaders

Managing a Multigenerational Sales Team

In this report, we surveyed 155 B2B sales leaders across multiple industries to understand each generation of sales professionals.

Change Management Success Checklist

Change Management Success Checklist

Use this step-by-step plan to drive adoption of new skills, products, processes, and technology.

2024 Sales Leader Trend Report - Best Practices High Performing Teams

Best Practices of High-Performing Sales Teams

In this new research report, we share what the best sales teams do differently.


Sales Questioning Skills That Win More Deals

Sales Questioning Skills That Win More Deals

Your team may be leaving sales opportunities on the table. That’s because most sellers overlook a highly effective tactic to improve sales results: sales questioning. Successful sellers are better at asking effective sales questions, probing customer needs and wants, and uncovering real business challenges.

In this webinar, we will share the most effective sales questioning approaches for better sales discovery.


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Hitachi Energy:

Handling difficult conversations

“Being able to communicate using a common language was the driver behind having training across all the North American facilities. We’ve been able to turn things around since we’ve had the training on difficult discussions. It’s worked out great. And the proof is in the data.”

Distinguished Programs:

World-Class Sales Process for Complex Solutions

“We brought in The Brooks Group to standardize our training and development, our sales process, and our planning. We chose it because it’s rated quite highly in publications in the selling world, and it provides both assessments and online tools to reinforce the training.”


The Brooks Group is consistently recognized as a sales training industry leader and top employer.

Award-Winning Sales Training Company

The Brooks Group is consistently recognized as a sales training industry leader and top employer.


The Brooks Group Named a Selling Power 2024 Top Sales Training Company

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