Using a Value-Based Sales Approach to Close More Deals

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One of the key factors that separates truly great sellers from the rest is their ability to build trust and communicate value. If your sales team knows how to gain trust early and position themselves as strategic advisors – they’ll gain a huge edge over the competition. 

In this webinar, we share strategies to help your sales team:

  • Sell on value, not on price
  • Better align the value of what your company sells to the customer’s needs and wants
  • Clearly communicate value throughout the sales process
  • Build trust to foster long-term customer relationships
  • Use a consultative sales approach to position your sellers as trusted advisors – not just another vendor

Webinar speakers:

Corey McKizzie speaker of Selling with Value: How to Build Trust and Close More Deals webinar
Michelle Richardson Webinar Speaker VP of Sales Performance Research