IMPACT Selling® Refresher


If it’s been a while since you’ve attended IMPACT training, let’s freshen up those skills so your team can close more sales!

Your Mind Has Betrayed You.

It forgot 80-95% of the material


Did you know that most people only remember 5-20% of what they learn after sales training?

It gave you what you practiced, not what you wanted


Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Whatever you practice (or don’t practice) will eventually become a habit. If salespeople don’t immediately and continually implement what they learn, they’re teaching themselves to forget.

It was slow to pay attention


Salespeople tend to think they already know the best sales techniques, so their minds don’t always pay attention right away. A refresher is helpful for anything missed while they thought IMPACT would be “just another sales training.”

It was easily distracted


When was the last time your phone notifications let you focus on anything, uninterrupted, for two straight hours? Unless everyone’s phone was on “do not disturb” during the training, your salespeople missed something.

The #1 Way People Learn Is By Repetition.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
Percentages of training

Jog Your Memory

Here’s a super high level refresher on the 6 steps of IMPACT. Do you remember everything here?


Utilize positioning, prospecting, and pre-call planning to qualify customers and become a trusted strategic resource.


Identify your customers’ behavior styles, adapt how you communicate, and use a statement of intention to connect and develop trust.


Use the Three-Deep Strategy to uncover stakeholders’ needs, and learn methods to discover what customers secretly want.


Build a Value Formula to show customers how the perceived benefits of your solution meet their needs and solve their problem.


Set the stage for customers to make a commitment by proving your claims, justifying your price, and overcoming fears.


Close deals using the salesperson’s magic word, then reinforce their decision to buy, and learn how to execute effective internal handoffs.

We Strongly Recommend This Refresher Training.

The only constant in our world today is change.

Salespeople must learn how to adapt to challenges or they’ll lose to the competition. IMPACT teaches salespeople how to do that, but even the best students don’t master new skills without reinforcement.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“It’s real-world and broken down into concise, practical steps that are effective and do help produce positive sales results. Thank you!”

“It brings the process into focus, highlights areas of improvement related directly to me and provides reminders to utilize my skills.”

“Very realistic, real world scenarios. It also was very interactive which was helpful to hear and get ideas from others. It’s also a good process that I can remember and implement – it’s not too much to try to learn and put in practice and also very customizable to my personal style”

“There is a lot of information. However, the process is clear and comprehensive. There are components of the process that can be used immediately to help improve selling to our customers.”

Is this training right for you?

While the IMPACT Selling® Refresher is awesome, it might not be right for you.

Give us a call and we’ll help you determine how to continue benefiting from the IMPACT sales process.





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