Discover How to Get More Out of Your Entire Sales Team with Our Sales Team Insights

An actionable assessment-based report that allows you to understand and optimize your sales team dynamics

sales team insights

Sales Performance, Productivity, and Enablement Starts at the People Level

Any team takes on a unique culture based on the personalities and behaviors that comprise it. And while some teams seem to work together successfully with little effort, other teams are held back by the personality conflicts, misalignment, and a sense that some or all the players just don’t “get it.”

The real problem with ineffective teams is that it’s often hard to identify what challenges are holding the sales team back. The key to understanding the reasons behind a team’s success – and more importantly – how a team can be more successful is to evaluate the group at a “people level” using some sort of a validated assessment tool.

What is The Sales Team Insights?

Based on 40+ years of experience in sales talent management, we understand how having the right players in the right seats can make or break the sales effort and business goals.

The Sales Team Insights is a powerful tool that highlights key competency trends inside of your sales team. The information is delivered in an easy-to-comprehend report—revealing the strength and challenge areas of each of your sales team members based on your unique selling environment.


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What Insight Will I Gain from the Analysis Tool?

Behavioral Overview

Percentage with Primary Style

  • Which team members fit the ideal behavior style required by your sales positions
  • Why your “hunters” won’t “hunt” and your “farmers” won’t “farm”
  • The right way to structure your sales team for success
Analysis Tool
Analysis Tool

Behavioral Fit Overview

Salesperson Job Benchmark Fit

  • How to align the right team members with the right territories
  • Why coaching just doesn’t seem to resonate with certain team members
  • How to connect individual salespeople with the right product or service mix

Overall Job Benchmark Fit

  • What type of training your team needs to help them work together more successfully
  • Why certain team members don’t seem to fit with the others…and what to do about it
  • How to enhance team communication skills to streamline your business efforts
Analysis Tool

Report Benefits


Identify team dynamics that are preventing success


Align your managers, territories and sales team the right way


Train your team to play to strengths and compensate for weaknesses


Uncover how to get more out of your existing team members

How the Process Works

Step 1

Job Benchmarks

Identify team dynamics that are preventing success

Step 2

Assess Sales Team

Your sales team members will complete their personal assessment.

Step 3

Results Are Analyzed

After your team has completed the assessment, we will analyze and compile the results into the report.

Step 4

Debrief the Report

A talent management expert will review the data insights and recommended action steps to improve your sales team’s success.

Step 5


Based on the findings, training is recommended to improve challenge areas and improve overall sales effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this report improve my sales team’s performance?

The report is designed to provide you insight into the behavioral makeup of your sales team. The results of the report will uncover the best ways to structure your team, who’s an ideal fit (and who’s not) for your selling environment or position, and ideal recommendations for training and coaching to help your organization improve overall sales performance.


Are my team’s sales skills assessed in the report?

Yes. Part of the report is a selling skills section that assesses an individual’s knowledge of B2B, customer-focused selling practices used by top sales performers. This component of the report answers the question, “Do they know how to sell?”


Are the assessments scientifically validated?

Yes. The assessments are based on 40+ years of sales and sales leadership expertise, providing training in best practices to thousands of sales professionals across the globe. All tests have been researched and validated, and exceed all federal and ethical guidelines for employment testing, including:

What is a job benchmark?

Job benchmarking is an interactive process used to create an “ideal performer profile” that can be used for selection, development, retention, management, and succession planning. The process gathers stakeholders from your organization along with talent mangement experts from The Brooks Group to determine the key accountabilities specific to the position.

The Sales Team Insights assesses your team and compares the results to the job benchmark, revealing where your team members may have gaps that can be addressed through coaching or restructuring.


What is expected in my debrief?

A talent mangement expert will go over the results of the report with you to identify where your team lands compared to the job benchmark. If there are problems on your team, the debrief session will help uncover the source of the problems and offer solutions for improving your team’s performance.


What is the minimum and maximum number of team members I can assess?

The Sales Team Insights can be conducted on teams as small as 10, and as large as 500. If your organization has a sales team with more than 500 representatives, mulitple reports can be conducted.

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