Coaching To Increase Grit and Resiliency in Sales Teams 

This webinar took place on Friday, February 3rd at 12:00pm ET. If you missed it, don’t worry! We recorded it.

Delivering Bad News

It’s a new year, and the economic outlook seems uncertain at best.


At the same time, your sales target is higher, you’re introducing (another) price increase, and your customers are tightening budgets and scrutinizing purchases. 

Does your sales team have the grit to persevere through these challenges? How well do they bounce back from setbacks or lost sales? How can you keep them focused, productive, and moving forward despite obstacles or resistance? 

Innate traits like grit and resilience can be developed with coaching and practice. Watch to learn how to develop your team’s ability to persevere despite uncertainty. We share strategies to help you tap into your sales team’s motivations, and develop the grit and resilience to hit your targets in 2023.  

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