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September 20, 2017
Written By: Lisa Rose

Should Your Sales Managers Be Selling?

Should your sales managers be responsible for meeting their own individual quota? Or is the “Selling Sales Manager” function flawed?

September 12, 2017
Written By: Will Brooks

The Best Strategies for Overcoming Objections in the Sales Process | The Brooks Group

Today’s buyers are more discerning than ever. They have knowledge about competitors’ products and services at their fingertips, which means it’s critical that your salespeople be skilled at overcoming objections quickly and confidently.

September 06, 2017
Written By: Steve Hackett

5 Simple Sales Referral Tactics Your Salespeople Can Use Today | The Brooks Group

Sales referrals are one of the most powerful ways to generate high-quality sales leads.

When buyers are faced with making a purchasing decision, they want to be confident they’re making the right one. What helps their confidence more than anything? A recommendation from someone they trust who has experience with your product or service, and can vouch for the quality or effectiveness.

August 29, 2017
Written By: Lisa Rose


Coachability: Why It’s Important in Football and Your Sales Force

As we round out the dog days of summer, most of us have two things on our minds:

August 23, 2017
Written By: Anita Greenland

5 Tips for Breaking the Monotony of the Annual Sales Meeting | The Brooks Group

The annual sales meeting is a crucial part of setting the tone for the upcoming year with your sales team. It can be rare to get all of your salespeople together in one place, so use the time as productively as possible to communicate strategy, set priorities, and generate excitement for the upcoming year.


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