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Selling to Purchasing Managers


Sales Performance Improvement, Sales Training

It used to be, as sales professionals, that the purchasing or procurement manager was the unseen force that stood in the way of a sale. Wielding sharp scissors and a red pen, and with the weight of the company’s expense budget on their shoulders, it was this last hurdle that could make or break us...

Five Steps to Awaken the Dead Deal



There’s nothing more satisfying than the afterglow of a solid sales presentation. You are certain you’ve knocked it out of the park. The presentation was flowing like a silky-smooth river. The buyer was offering expressive nods, occasional smiles, and was engaged in discussing what our future partnership looks and feels like. The proposal has been laid, virtual handshakes exchanged, and, then……

Selling to the C-Suite: Five Keys to Success


Leadership Development

If selling during the pandemic has taught sales leaders anything, it’s that many of our buyers’ CEOs are taking a renewed interest in the procurement side of their business. After all, if the buck stops, truly, with them, it’s little surprise that in a time when budgets are strained and every dollar scrutinized, that CEOs are taking a more active role.

The Two Words You Can Use Today to Foster Sales Harmony


Sales Training

For those sales pros who have come up empty after a sales pitch, there are a variety of reasons that things may go awry – the offering may not align, or budgets may not be in sync. But if trust, empathy, and, yes, Aretha – respect – are not present, you might end up singing for your supper.

Active Listening in the Age of Virtual Selling


Sales Training

Video conferencing has been a boon to sales professionals during the age of virtual selling – a saving grace that has allowed commerce to roll forward in a time when COVID-19 has denied us face-to-face interaction.

Grow Revenue Now: Four Keys to Winning 2020


Sales Culture

With most businesses still reeling from the economic impacts of the first half of 2020, and with a few months remaining this calendar year, it’s time to end the bemoaning, wound-licking, and belly-aching; to reset the tables; and to focus on real solutions to maximize your revenues right now.