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March 20, 2018
Written By: Marcia Neese

5 Essential Tips for Building Better Customer Relationships

Your sales team’s long-term success is directly tied to their ability to form strong customer relationships, especially with their most profitable accounts.

March 13, 2018
Written By: Lisa Rose

The Account Management KPIs You Should Be Tracking | The Brooks Group

Whether your organization has a dedicated Account Management team, or your salespeople are in charge of managing their own accounts, it’s important to establish some performance measures focused on account management.

March 07, 2018
Written By: Laura Lloyd

9 Keys for Building Trust on Your Sales Team | The Brooks Group

Building trust between sales leaders and their team members is essential to driving high performance.

February 26, 2018
Written By: Steve Hackett

How to Identify Buying Motives to Deliver Killer Sales Presentations | The Brooks Group

There are many different reasons behind why a prospect or customer makes a B2B purchasing decision. But all of those reasons typically fall under 4 basic Buying Motive categories.

Why is it important for your salespeople to understand these categories?

February 14, 2018
Written By: Will Brooks

7 TIps for Building Confidence in Sales

Confident people tend towards success.

This is especially true in sales since customers and prospects will immediately trust a salesperson more if they are confident and knowledgeable.

As the leader of a sales team, you can help your team members build their confidence and achieve sales success with these 7 tips.

7 Tips for Building Confidence in Sales

February 07, 2018
Written By: Rich Recchio

The Winning Formula for Building the Happiest, Most Productive Company Culture

As a Sales Training firm, The Brooks Group wins when our clients succeed. For that reason, we don’t do too much self-congratulating.

We recently won an award, however, that we’re happy to share.

The Brooks Group won the Happiest Company Award from TINYpulse in the Professional Consulting Services category.

January 31, 2018
Written By: Lisa Rose

How to Help Your Salespeople Nail Their Pre-Call Planning Process | The Brooks Group

Effective pre-call planning helps your salespeople convert more prospects, yet many salespeople either don’t do pre-call planning, or they don’t do it well. As the manager, you can help your salespeople win more deals by coaching them in these key pre-call planning skills.

January 24, 2018
Written By: Marcia Neese

The 5 Critical Guidelines for Sales Presentations that Close Deals | The Brooks Group

There’s nothing more discouraging for your sales reps than to reach the end of a sales presentation and hear, “I have to think it over and get back to you."

In today’s competitive marketplace, your reps must make the biggest impact on prospects when they have the chance. That’s why it’s so important they feel confident delivering a convincing sales presentation. 

January 08, 2018
Written By: Laura Lloyd

 Identifying the 4 Buying Behavior Styles to Sell More Effectively | The Brooks Group

[Don’t miss the downloadable version of the Behavior Style Communication Guidelines at the end of this post!]

January 03, 2018
Written By: Lisa Rose

How to Uncover Buyer Needs with Sales Probing Questions | The Brooks Group

Asking effective probing questions is critical to high sales performance. With the right questions, your salespeople can uncover the buyer’s needs and wants, as well as their budget and decision-making process.

Here’s what you need to know to help your reps develop and master critical questioning skills.


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