Overcoming Adversity in Sales: How to Help Your Team Succeed in Today’s Market

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It’s no secret that selling is hard – it’s even harder in today’s market, where buyers are more informed and have more choices than ever before. They are much harder to engage and sellers are feeling blocked at every turn. According to Salesforce, over 70% of sellers are expected to not hit quota this year. This is affecting their engagement and mental health.

In this webinar, we discuss actionable tactics to help your sales team overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

We share insight on:

  • How to uncover your customer’s true needs and wants.
  • How to build resilience in your sales team.
  • Personalized coaching strategies that make a real impact on performance.

Webinar speakers:

Spencer Wixom President & CEO The Brooks Group
Michelle Richardson Webinar Speaker VP of Sales Performance Research