Selling Through Uncertainty:

Four Strategies to Win in Today’s Changing Landscape

This webinar took place on Thursday, April 27th, 2023 – But Don’t Worry – We Recorded It.

Selling through uncertainty

The world of sales is constantly evolving – and the pace of change has accelerated in recent years.

It shows no signs of slowing down. The pressures of economic uncertainty and shifting buyer expectations, compounded by rapid advancements in technology, are forcing sales organizations to rethink their approaches, tools, and processes.

Selling today is harder than ever. How can your sales team cut through the noise and successfully navigate the current environment?

Dave Brock of Partners in Excellence and Michelle Richardson, The Brooks Group’s Vice President of Sales Performance Research, discuss four essential principles for selling in an era of change. They share practical tips to help your team focus on the right customers, build personal connections with buyers, create value with customers, and achieve consistent, purposeful sales execution.

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