Why Choose The Brooks Group

We take a data-driven and holistic approach to sales training, sales culture development, and sales performance improvement.

Three Pillars that Will Drive Improved Sales Performance in Your Organization

At The Brooks Group, we believe the best way to resolve sales challenges and achieve sustainable sales performance improvement—is to take an intentional, holistic approach to sales training and development.

We’re committed to helping your sales team achieve success today, tomorrow, and into the future. To do that, we’ll partner with you to improve or develop your sales strategy based on three proven pillars of success.

The Right Sales Talent

Define exactly what your positions need so you can hire the best—and make sure existing talent is in a role that maximizes their strengths.

Continous Development

Make training and development an ongoing process so that new behaviors and processes are ingrained in your culture.

World-Class Sales Coaching

Give sales managers the tools and strategies to reinforce new skills and deliver targeted coaching to each sales rep.

A Holistic Approach Builds a Scalable “Sales Machine”

With the three pillars in place, you’ll establish a solid foundation for your sales culture to thrive.

  • An emphasis on Sales Management Training will result in coaching activity that reinforces new behaviors.
  • Comprehensive personal assessments ensure you hire and retain the best talent.
  • And a culture of continuous development will advance your team’s selling skills even further, and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Watch how The Brooks Group’s holistic approach to sales performance improvement can benefit your organization.

Our Clients Get Real Results

97% of IMPACT Alumnireport using what they learned on a day-to-day bases

of alumni report using what they learned in dayto-day activities


report winning up to 10 new accounts in the first 3 months post-training

70% made additional sales to existing accounts

made additional sales to existing accounts

186x<br />
Average return on investment within one year post-training

average return on investment within one year post-training

96% said training was effective in equipping them to handle current market conditions

said training was effective in equipping them to handle current market conditions

“The reason we chose The Brooks Group was they had a proven track record of training professional sales organizations. They also had a track record of training people within our industry. Lastly, was the IMPACT Selling® process.

We were looking for a repeatable, consistent selling process and the IMPACT Selling® process was one of the big drivers for deciding to go with The Brooks Group to train our sales organization.

John Devany - Betts

Award-Winning Sales Training

Award-Winning Sales Training Company
Award-Winning Sales Training Company

Industries We Work With

We offer tailored sales and sales management training programs that empower sales teams across various industries to enhance their selling techniques while enabling sales managers to excel in coaching and leadership. Discover how our customized programs can address your specific needs and unlock your sales team’s full potential.

The Brooks Group is committed to working with you every step of the way. From evaluating where you are today, to identifying where you want to be in the future, and working closely with you to address the gaps that will help you meet and exceed your organization’s goals.

Ready to see the whole picture of sales performance improvement, and not just the pieces to the puzzle? Let’s start a conversation.