Sales Training Programs that Drive a Culture of Success

Sales training programs have a valuable impact on your sales team and your business. When done right, sales training fosters a sales culture that thrives on confidence, competence, and a constant drive to create more value for customers.

In today’s world, your sales process needs to be grounded in validity, yet flexible enough to adapt to changes in the buying process. The selling techniques your team used previously may need to evolve or change as buyer behaviors change.

Staying relevant with proven selling skills and strategies ensures a larger sales funnel, higher close rates, and that your sales team remains confident and motivated to sell.

Over the last 4 decades we’ve perfected a sales training system that ensures your investment has a lasting impact on your business and your client relationships.

IMPACT Sales Training
56% report that their average sale amount has increased

report that their average sale amount has increased

44% report that their conversion rate to closed-won business is higher

report that their conversion rate to closed-won business is higher

23% report that they are moving more quickly through the sales cycle

report that they are moving more quickly through the sales cycle

94% found that training was effective in equipping them to handle current market conditions

found that training was effective in equipping them to handle current market conditions

IMPACT Selling®: Sales Training Program

The Brooks Group is known for our award-winning IMPACT Sales Training Program that helps sales professionals, sales managers, and teams take their sales skills to the next level. The IMPACT sales methodology is a practical method of helping sales teams engage in a proven sales process that creates a common sales language across your sales team, develops essential sales skills, and teaches sales professionals how to build strategic relationships with customers and prospects.

At the core of IMPACT Selling® are six valuable steps:

IMPACT Selling® Paves the Way, Sales Training Solutions Drive Growth

Once you’ve the foundation laid of the right sales process and skills, you can hone in on specific areas of growth for your sales team to help accelerate revenue growth and deepen client relationships. Our Sales Training Solutions include programs that will help your team improve negotiation skills, cross-sell, upsell, and engage in more effective sales conversations. Maximize the success of your IMPACT sales training by unlocking your sales team’s full potential, ensuring continued continued growth your sales team and your business.


Sales Negotiation Training

Level up your sales strategy with sales negotiation training that equips professionals with the essential skills and strategies to excel in business negotiations, enabling them to achieve win-win outcomes and enhance their overall deal-making capabilities.

Strategic Account Management Training

The Brooks Group offers comprehensive strategic account management training designed to teach sales professionals the skills and strategies needed to effectively nurture and grow key client relationships, driving long-term business success.

Sales Territory Planning

Unlock your sales team’s full potential with The Brooks Group’s cutting-edge training on sales territory planning, designed to empower your professionals to strategically maximize their territories, drive revenue growth, and achieve unprecedented sales success.

Conversations with Confidence

Become an expert in the art of persuasion and boost your sales game with The Brooks Group’s Conversations with Confidence training program. Sell with unshakable confidence, connect with your customers, and secure your success in the world of sales.

Sales Management Training for Improved Sales Team Performance

Great sales managers are hard to come by—and crucial to the success of your sales team. They help coach and train the sales team to accelerate the success of your organization. Our sales management training options enhance the skills needed to effectively lead your sales team.

Gain effective strategies to improve your sales team’s performance through our Sales Leadership Accelerator program. And, for teams already trained in IMPACT Selling®, Coaching to IMPACT and Train the Trainer help sales managers expand their team’s existing training foundation with improved leadership skills, better sales results, and increased ROI.

The instructor-led training program gives sales managers and sales leaders a proven strategy to improve sales performance with tactical steps for achieving greater sales success.

Extend the ROI on your IMPACT sales training by leveraging our Coaching to IMPACT program. Your sales managers will learn the strategies and tactics they need to reinforce essential selling skills.

Train the Trainer will empower you to deliver IMPACT Selling to your team. Our expert facilitators will teach you strategies to ensure your company successfully adopts the IMPACT sales process.

Sales Team Training

IMPACT Sales Training and all other Brooks Group Sales Training offerings are available as customized team trainings for your sales team. Sales team trainings can be done in-person or virtually. Visit the Sales Training delivery page to learn more.

Open Enrollment Sales Training

IMPACT Sales Training is available as open enrollment programs where you – or members of your sales team – can learn along with sales professionals from other organizations. Open enrollment programs are offered in-person or virtually throughout the year.

The Value of Sales Training

Investing in training for your sales team is important, and so is choosing the right sales training partner. Below are a few of the values your organization will benefit from launching an effective sales training program.

Sales Training Best Practices

Improve Sales Performance

Sales training equipping teams with the essential selling skills and strategies needed to improve sales performance. The Brooks Group’s sales training provides a consultative sales approach centered on effective communication strategies, relationship building, and closing skill gaps. Post-training teams realize measurable improvements in both performance and sales effectiveness. 

Overcome Weaknesses in Your Sales Team

Increase Win Rates

Sales training equips sales professionals with proven sales skills so they can engage prospects more easily, build better relationships, position solutions effectively, negotiate, and close more deals. On average, sales professionals that are trained by The Brooks Group report winning up to 10 new accounts in the first 3 months post-training.

Strong Relationships

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Sales training plays a crucial role in building customer relationships by teaching B2B sellers effective communication skills, active listening strategies, and how to understand customer needs. One of the fundamentals in The Brooks Group training is teaching sales professionals how to build rapport and trust so they can foster long-term customer relationships – which contributes to a more profitable and sustainable business.

Drive Sales Team Retention

Improve Sales Efficiency

Sales efficiency is the ability to close deals quickly and effectively. Sales training ensures a streamlined and effective approach, optimizing the entire sales process for better results. Salespeople are able to more quickly understand customer needs, enabling more efficient and tailored interactions. This improved proficiency helps salespeople focus on high-quality prospects, accelerates the sales cycle, and ultimately increases productivity. 

Common language

Establish a Common Sales Process and Language

Having a common langauge benefits a sales organization in a variety of ways – from onboarding new reps faster, to aligning sales and marketing efforts, to improving sales coaching. A standardized sales process—and a language to describe activities within the sales process—eliminates confusion and allows sales managers to have targeted, high-yield coaching conversations with reps.

Why Choose The Brooks Group for Sales Training

With over four decades of experience in the sales industry, we’ve mastered proven sales strategies and methods that will drive sales performance and engagement. The Brooks Group has helped sales professionals in various industries succeed. That’s why we’ve designed training solutions that are customized to your sales goals, the needs of your team, and the skills you’re looking to improve. When you invest in a sales training with The Brooks Group, you’re investing in your team and their success.

Partnering with The Brooks Group Sales Metrics

Sales Training by Industry

At the core of every sales training program that we offer are the principles of the IMPACT sales training process. Surrounding those core elements are custom solutions fit to the needs of your team. Over the years, we’ve perfected these attributes for some of our most popular industries. Explore each industry further by visiting The Brooks Group Industry Page.

IMPACT Sales Training is customizable and flexible. In the case that you don’t see the industry that you belong to listed above, reach out to our team, and learn more about how our sales training programs could help your sales team.

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