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sales performance research center

Sales Performance Research Center

The Brooks Group was founded over 45 years ago on research-based principles with a mission to transform sales teams and the organizations they serve. We’ve continued our tradition of leading with research and formalized the way we share these market insights with the Sales Performance Research Center.

Today’s marketplace is constantly evolving. The amount of information organizational leaders are forced to sift through to make sales strategy and talent management decisions can be overwhelming. Our Research Center serves as a conduit for conveying the most impactful insights that will help you move your organization into the future.

Why Put Your Trust in the Sales Performance Research Center?


Industry Experience

We’ve trained, assessed, and advised over a million sales professionals in hundreds of industries around the world, gaining insight on what works and what doesn’t.

SPRC Passion


Our team of sales performance experts and talent management consultants are committed to uncovering the factors that result in organizational success.

SPRC Longevity


In an industry characterized by mergers, acquisitions, and private equity deals, we’ve remained independently owned and dedicated to advancing the sales profession.

Sales Development Index

The Sales Development Index is a suite of actionable assessment-based tools that will allow you to take the pulse of your organization and understand and optimize your sales team dynamics.

Sales Culture Insights

Reveal the state of your sales team with Sales Culture Insights. Uncover perceptions around sales issues, sales management effectiveness, organizational coordination, sales culture, and other relevant topics.

Sales Culture Insights +

Gain perspective on your sales culture and team sales skills with Sales Culture Insights + IMPACT Selling Skills Index®. Understand how your organizational dynamics and current selling skills are impacting your overall sales results.

Sales Team Insights

Understand the dynamics of your sales team with Sales Team Insights. This powerful tool highlights the key competency trends inside of your sales team, revealing a baseline of strengths and challenges.

Sales 360 Organizational Insights

The Sales 360 Organizational Insights offers a wholistic view of your sales team with both the culture and talent perspectives.

Discover Research Insights

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2024 Sales Leader Trend Report

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In this research report, Best Practices of High-Performing Sales Teams, we share what the best sales teams do differently.

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