Being Liked Doesn’t
Win Deals:

We’ll Tell You What Does

(Trust us on this)

This webinar took place on Friday June 17 at 12:30 pm EDT – But Don’t Worry! We Recorded it:

How important are relationships in B2B buying and selling, especially in this current environment of rising prices and delivery delays? Is it more important to be liked, or to be trusted? We want to hear from you!


Being Liked Doesn’t Win Deals: We’ll tell you what does.


Sure – every salesperson wants to be liked. But now more than ever we’re seeing that being liked matters a lot less than other attributes as B2B buyers assess the best option for their purchases. The days of lunches, swag, and “dropping by” have become hindrances to winning rather than a successful sales strategy.

So what does win? And how can you get your sales team to adjust and grow in this difficult market environment? We’re at halftime for 2022, now is the time to make adjustments to dominate the second half. It’s time to recognize your team’s bad and outdated habits and coach them for real change that drives better results.

We explored what buyers really want in this world of delivery delays and price increases, and offered some ideas on how salespeople should adjust their buyer interactions to deliver better outcomes today and for the rest of 2022.

Are you losing deals to the “other guys” even though you have a close relationship with the customer?

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Russ Sharer

IMPACT Selling® 

A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals 

The repeatable steps of the IMPACT business sales training program will allow your sales team to meet prospects and customers where they are in the buying process to maintain alignment, build credibility, improve the predictability of your sales funnel, and engage in meaningful dialogue that progresses the sale.

Our IMPACT sales training plan will give your team the tools to research and connect with your target corporate business and buyer persona, ask the right questions, and listen to understand their business challenges. They will have more effective sales calls, have more success finding & gaining leads, and connect with people making purchasing decisions in a way that leads to more closed business.

IMPACT Selling
Program Benefits
  • Increased sales revenue and greater margin
  • Shortened sales cycles to reduce time-to-close
  • Clarity of goals all the way from the tactical to the strategic level
  • Better pre-call planning and positioning skills
  • Improved communication with different buying styles
  • Instructor-led trianing program that’s easily applied in the real world

Strategic Account Management 

Enable your sales teams to become trusted advisors and retain key accounts

Successful companies understand the importance of protecting and growing their most profitable accounts. Your sales and account team must have the skills and tools to prioritize key customers and establish strong relationships with all contacts involved in the decision making process.


The Strategic Account Management training will help your salespeople master the art of organizing, managing, and growing their most profitable business accounts through well-defined, effective account management procedures. In this live, instructor-led course (offered virtually or in-person) participants will learn a highly practical system for developing and providing service to each of their key accounts in ways that will strengthen client relationships—and drive additional sales revenue for your company.

Strategic Account Management Account Plan
Program Benefits
  • Position Account Managers as Strategic Advisors
  • Improve efficiency and shorten the sales cycle
  • Increase depth within key accounts
  • Develop profitable, long-term customer relationships
  • Create actionable accounts plans

Brooks Talent Index Assessments 

Get reliable results with a scientifically validated assesment system and stop sales turnover

Assessments can help you predict a candidate’s likelihood for success in your organization, but not all assessment tools are legally eligible for hiring purposes. Be sure that you’re using a tool that guarantees the defensibility of every hiring or promotion decision you make.

Our assessment partner, TTI Success Insights, has researched, validated, and applied social and brain science—creating predictive and accurate behavioral assessments that have been used to improve the hiring processes in over 100,000 companies around the world.

The Brooks Talent Index system combines three assessments which have all been shown to be highly accurate at predicting behavior:

  • The Hartman Value Profile
  • DISC Personality Assessment
  • The Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Instrument
Brooks Talent Index Assessment
The BTI Measures:
  • The How: Behaviors
  • The Why: Motivators
  • The Will: Personal Skills

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