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Selling in Hard Times Webinar Invite

July 15th Webinar: 

Motivating Your Sales Team When Your Company Can’t Deliver | The Brooks Group

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IMPACT for Tradeshows
IMPACT for Tradeshows
How to Improve Your Sales Forecast Accuracy in 5 Steps
How to Improve Your Sales Forecast Accuracy in 5 Steps
7 Tips to Build a Customer-Centric Culture and Increase Sales Revenue
Hiring for Potential - How to Spot Soft Skills and Hire a Candidate You Can Mold Into a High Performerce
5 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships with Your Most Profitable Accounts
6 Tips to Boost Your Sales Team’s Confidence and Improve Their Performance
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Crash Course for Boosting Your Sales Leadership Productivity
Why Your Sales Training Should Focus on Modern Learners, Not Just Millennials
How to Prioritize Accounts to Create a Business Plan that Hits the Target
4 Foolproof Strategies to Re-engage Leads that Have Gone Cold
The 5 Most Common Sales Hiring Mistakes and How to Fix Them
5 Ways Your Salespeople Are Encouraging Discount Requests And How to Stop Them
How to Develop a 4 Step Action Plan for Achieving Sales Target
5 Actionable Strategies to Improve Overall Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
How to Radically Improve Your Team’s Sales Productivity in 3 Easy Steps
How to Fight Sales Turnover with Your Onboarding Strategy
Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting Techniques of Top Sales Performers
Sales Incentives... What Works and What Doesn’t
The 3 Types of Nightmare Sales Reps… And How to Coach Them
Revealing True Money Motivation in Your Sales Candidates
Make Lost Deals Work for You: 5 Steps to an Effective Postmortem
4 Key Tips for Attracting and Hiring Millennials for Sales Positions
Signs & Symptoms of the Wrong Sales Focus

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