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Hiring for Potential - How to Spot Soft Skills and Hire a Candidate You Can Mold Into a High Performer

According to the Harvard Business Review, potential is the most important predictor of success when hiring. Unfortunately, many organizations pass over high-potential candidates because they focus too much on previous work experience.

Join Laura Lloyd, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they reveal what to look for in a candidate—beyond the resume—to identify “raw talent” and future high performance.

How to Use Sales Interview Questions to Uncover a Candidate's True Potential

We've all experienced the sales candidate who aced the interview, but tanked once you signed them onto your sales team. It's your job to ask the right kind of targeted interview questions to reveal if someone really has what it takes to perform well in your selling environment.

Join Laura Lloyd, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they walk you through the strategies and techniques for asking sales interview questions that give you the best insight for making the right hiring decision.

The 5 Most Common Sales Hiring Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Hiring the wrong salesperson leads to a major loss for your sales organization. Not only in the enormous dollar figure, but in lost time, energy, and team morale. Join Tony Smith, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they uncover the mistakes most hiring teams make when selecting sales talent—and more importantly—what you can do to avoid them.

5 Actionable Strategies to Improve Overall Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

Join Tony and Will as they walk through the steps of creating a standardized hiring and recruitment process that can be used with every new member you bring onto your team. Learn how best-in-class companies take a developmental approach to new hire success, and how to clearly define and map out an employee’s career path.

How to Fight Sales Turnover with Your Onboarding Strategy

Are you accepting the constant churn of sales force turnover as unavoidable? The truth is, you can radically reduce your sales turnover—by recognizing where the real issue begins. A tight onboarding process lays the tracks for salespeople to get up to speed quickly, and stay on course with your company for the long haul.

Revealing True Money Motivation in Your Sales Candidates

Most sales candidates will tell you they’re driven by money, but how can you be sure they aren’t just paying you lip service? Learn how to uncover true drive and motivation before you invest your resources in the wrong hire.

4 Key Tips for Attracting and Hiring Millennials for Sales Positions

Millennial hires will be the people who grow your brand and organization into the future. As an employer, you must embrace this reality or be left behind. Discover how to develop a framework for attracting bright and ambitious millennial talent, and learn tips for finding candidates who will be loyal and motivated to succeed in your sales organization.

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