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Why Your Sales Training Should Focus on Modern Learners, Not Just Millennials

We’ve all heard it – if we want to grow our businesses we have to focus on millennials! But with all the focus on one age group, we risk excluding the four other generations that are currently in the workforce. Today’s sales training should be adapted to accommodate the way people (of all ages) learn in the modern era.

Join Anita Greenland, Vice President of Client Services at The Brooks Group, and Ann Iverson, Sr. Instructional Designer at Allen Interactions, as they define what the modern learner needs, and how to incorporate it into your sales training.

5 Actionable Strategies to Improve Overall Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

Join Tony and Will as they walk through the steps of creating a standardized hiring and recruitment process that can be used with every new member you bring onto your team. Learn how best-in-class companies take a developmental approach to new hire success, and how to clearly define and map out an employee’s career path.

4 Key Tips for Attracting and Hiring Millennials for Sales Positions

Millennial hires will be the people who grow your brand and organization into the future. As an employer, you must embrace this reality or be left behind. Discover how to develop a framework for attracting bright and ambitious millennial talent, and learn tips for finding candidates who will be loyal and motivated to succeed in your sales organization.

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