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How to Deliver a Crazy-Productive Sales Team Meeting (That Your Reps Won’t Hate)

Sales meetings are necessary, but sometimes they can feel like a necessary evil. Deep down you know regular meetings are important, but it can feel challenging to fit them into your and your sales team’s busy schedules.

Join Anita Greenland and Rich Williams from The Brooks Group, as they reveal the tips and strategies to make your sales meetings ridiculously productive—so you can get the biggest bang for your buck AND actually get your salespeople on board, too.

Sales Incentives... What Works and What Doesn’t

Adding sales incentives is a great way to boost your team’s performance—but only if you’re doing it right. Find out which incentives are the most effective, and how to stay within budget while offering prizes that really motivate your team.

Revealing True Money Motivation in Your Sales Candidates

Most sales candidates will tell you they’re driven by money, but how can you be sure they aren’t just paying you lip service? Learn how to uncover true drive and motivation before you invest your resources in the wrong hire.

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