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What a Sales Manager Can Do To Motivate a Sales Team

Leadership Development, Sales Team Motivation

It’s easy to become discouraged in sales. Constantly staring rejection in the face can be unpleasant.

So that means it’s important to stay motivated. But, by now, everyone knows that you can’t motivate anyone but yourself.

That's because motivation has to come from within. Motivation is an intrinsic sense that can’t be created by an extrinsic force (a sales manager).

Salespeople have to motivate themselves. As a leader of salespeople, you face a quandary. You’ve got to get results, but it’s not possible to “motivate your team.”

6 Tips to Make Your National Sales Meeting Ridiculously Productive

Sales Meetings, Sales Performance Improvement, Sales Team Motivation, Sales Training

6 Sales Meeting Tips | The Brooks Group

It comes every year, and still it always seems to sneak up on us: the National Sales Meeting.

From creating the meeting agenda, booking the convention center, deciding on a meeting theme, and identifying a keynote speaker –there’s a lot to be done.

But if you truly want your national sales meeting or sales kickoff meeting to be a success, you need a solid action plan.


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