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Driving Sales Growth Through Effective Sales Coaching

The world of sales has changed – buyers are more sophisticated, and their decision process is increasingly complex. How well are your sellers adapting to these changing market conditions?

In this new webinar, you will learn the five types of sales reps that are most common across organizations. Discover how to recognize their strengths and limitations and apply the most effective strategies and tools to lead, guide, and effectively coach each type of seller so they can crush sales goals and beat competitors.

You will learn:

5 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships with Your Most Profitable Accounts

The number one way to grow revenue is to sell more to existing accounts. That requires your sales reps and account managers to develop strong customer relationships with your organization’s key clients.

Join Marcia Neese, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they walk you through the 5 tips to help your team build stronger customer relationships—and tap into the growth opportunity of your organization’s most essential accounts.

Make Lost Deals Work for You: 5 Steps to an Effective Postmortem

When a long sales cycle ends in defeat, it can feel like you’ve lost more than just the deal. But there’s a lot to be gained from a miss. Make sure your salespeople can brush themselves off quickly and capitalize on the experience with an effective post-sale analysis.

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