The Year in Review: Building a Healthy Sales Culture

Written by: Will Brooks
Building a Healthy Sales Culture

Activating an organization’s sales culture is key to generating more revenue and achieving sustainable growth.

So. What is sales culture? It’s when every area of an organization actively contributes to customer acquisition and retention and the sales organization as a whole is focused on continuous improvement of the sales effort.

While a company’s unique sales culture depends on a number of factors, its effectiveness is largely determined by the efforts of the sales leader. The atmosphere that exists can either benefit sales or stand in its way, and that’s why it’s critical for leaders to intentionally build a healthy sales culture. Make sure that you’re continually fostering an atmosphere that focuses on your customers and their experiences by revisiting our most popular sales culture articles from 2015.

Building an Environment of Accountability

Developing a Culture of Loyalty in Your Team

What is Sales Culture?

The Simplest Way to Get Your Team to Change Its Behavior

5 Principles for Establishing Expectations in Your Sales Organization

Sales Culture Shift: Should You Replace Your Entire Sales Team?

The most successful organizations have cultures that are developed around the sales function—and that means aligning everyone with a standard sales process and a common language.

The IMPACT Selling System unifies your sales team with a straightforward sales process and a framework that allows salespeople and their managers to streamline communication.

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The 10 Most Common Sales Management Mistakes

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