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August 21, 2009
Written By: Will Brooks

Thank you to the people who responded to the question above. All great insights. Congratulations to the winner, Rick Thomas! We will be sending you a copy of “How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors,” by Bill Brooks & Larry Steinmetz.

August 07, 2009
Written By: Tony Smith

Here are 6 and a half mistakes I have seen salespeople make. We are all guilty of some of these. However, I hope that this list will serve as a reminder to help you from engaging in the following mistakes.

1. Never quote price to an unsold buyer

July 29, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

Last week on a discussion board, there was a considerable thread about “closing techniques”. Various “sales experts” got on and started dialog about The Ben Franklin Close, the silent close (down to the clicking your pen before you slide it over the table) and other closes.

I thought to myself, man what do these guys sell and what kind of relationships do they have with their customers, that they have to try and manipulate their prospects with tactics?

May 04, 2009
Written By: Tony Smith

I was speaking to a salesperson the other day and was asked if there are any specific power words to use in selling. While there are many words that work from a sales and marketing perspective, I have found that there are three words that — when used properly — carry tremendous influence, no matter what the situation, regardless of the industry and irrespective of the type of person you are meeting with. They are:

March 30, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

There is so much talk about how to get through this difficult economy (rightfully so), but bottom line is it gets down to practicing the fundamentals. It's no different than what is going on now with major league baseball professionals at Spring Training. Even the super stars, who make millions of dollars, are practicing the fundamentals to get ready for the season.

March 26, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

For six years I was a part of a national sales team and each of my coworkers were responsible for sales across a multi-state territory. We were geographically disbursed across the country and all worked from a home office. Over those years I worked for three different directors/VPs and — as a result — gained valuable firsthand insight on how to help manage a remote or field sales force.

February 23, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

The Brooks Group remains among the sales professional's elite companies

The competition at this year's annual awards for sales and customer service once again featured some of America's top sales professionals and forward-thinking organizations.

December 19, 2008
Written By: Tony Smith

Recently, I was having a conversation with a client who mentioned that, even in our current economy, his top salespeople were still leading the pack! They were doing so with numbers a bit lower than the previous year. In actuality, everyone's numbers had dropped across the board, although some drops were more severe than others.

December 18, 2008
Written By: Anonymous

I joined The Brooks Group just over a month ago and I thought it would be apropos to offer some tips or reminders on hiring and potentially bringing on a new associate.

Pre employment:

1. The 80/20 rule should apply when it comes to who is doing the talking. Try and ask open-ended questions to ensure the candidate does most of the talking.

January 02, 2008
Written By: Will Brooks

Can't it be hard to get appointments with prospects? We've all had the experience of leaving phone messages, or networking at events, for prospects we are fairly sure are good ones. I can't give you the magic tool that will make every prospect call back - or accept your next call - but I can make a suggestion that will improve your odds significantly. When you call a prospect, what goes through his or her mind?

November 08, 2007
Written By: Anonymous

The average sales presentation consists of 6-8 features or benefits. Is that good or bad? Well, when you consider that 24 hours after your presentation, 39% of your prospects remember only one of them, the answer should be very clear. And the fact that 49% of the time they remember something that you didn't bring up at all makes it even more obvious! Most of us are quite simply overwhelming our prospects with details about things they really aren't interested in! The truth is that people will buy your product or service for one or two primary reasons.

November 01, 2007
Written By: Anonymous

"Coach" Bill Brooks February 6, 1945 - October 27, 2007 We deeply mourn the recent passing of our founder, "Coach" Bill Brooks, but his legacy - his brilliance, his ideas and his energy - will live on here at The Brooks Group. Bill had been battling cancer with characteristic tenacity for the last 18 months.