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July 09, 2007
Written By: Anonymous

What does your prospect want to hear about - every imaginable bell and whistle that your product offers or how they can use the product to achieve their goals or solve their specific problems? Chances are you already know the answer. But if you're like many salespeople, you still may not be able to resist the temptation to keep talking until your prospect's eyes glaze over with confusion and boredom. My advice: focus.

July 02, 2007
Written By: Anonymous

OK. Good job! You got the appointment with this important prospect. Now what? You better plan carefully and intelligently. No winging it - you're better than that. You're a professional salesperson - a value resource, a consultant to your prospect, not a product pusher or a data dumper. So - be PREPARED. But how? Start with the critical questions that every prospect wants answered when you show up for a sales call:

March 02, 2007
Written By: Anonymous

Enthusiasm is critical for success in any endeavor. Whether it is to pick up the phone and make one more call after being rejected, recovering from a difficult illness, resurrecting a relationship, handling a disgruntled customer or anything else, enthusiasm is essential. Each of us really do need to get excited about your job and your life. Then it's all about progress and achievement; but how do you get inspired to achieve some apparently overwhelming task?

September 19, 2006
Written By: Anonymous

This past week Andy and I attended a conference entitled "The Future of Web Apps" in San Francisco. We attended this conference to help us improve our follow-up and reinforcement programs and get some new ideas to bring you more and better information. We accomplished our goal but I also realized that there is selling in everything.

July 05, 2006
Written By: Anonymous

So, North Korea puts on its own fireworks show, making everyone in the region pretty tense. Tension like that is certain to put a strain on the economic situation. We could talk about long-range missile and/or nuclear testing. Why countries do it, which should have nukes, what the reaction could and should be...


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