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5 Keys to Maximizing Online Communication and Remaining Relevant

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Technology has made it a difficult time to be a human during online communication – advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots have mitigated the need for organic beings to be involved in many aspects of the selling paradigm.

Fortunately for those of us who walk upright, humanity is still critically important – particularly given the importance of consultative selling as a means of resonating with buyers.

The Consultative Selling Keys to Agriculture Sales Success

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So, you’ve embraced the concept of consultative sales training; you understand your responsibility as a trusted advisor to be attentive and to put your client first, and you’re ready to take your new mandate to the field.

But, before you go charging into the unknown, one last question: Are you truly an expert on your client’s business and industry? I mean, have you REALLY taken the time to understand the landscape?

Maintaining Sales Management Goals During Turbulent Times

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The world, today, doesn’t just seem different – it is different. With daily reminders of the power of the Coronavirus, and its companion COVID-19 infection, to bring markets, enterprises – and yes, even normal daily activities – to a sudden, shuddering halt, we are all looking for a way to navigate this new reality.

Three Keys to Turning Sales Training into Profits

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There are many ways for things to just “happen, like magic,” with little or no effort. Take the Ouija board for example, which can reveal all with just a board and a pointy plastic device. Or the sleight of hand mysteries of magicians like Doug Henning, David Copperfield and Criss Angel, who have walked on water and made iconic landmarks appear and disappear. Heck, even the wave of a white-tipped black magic wand can often be enough to produce small items from thin air.

How to Resonate with B2B Buyers

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Let that sink in for a second: For generations, we have been taught that the customer is always right, and that we should win at all costs. That combination of mantras has translated to innumerable corporate golf outings and steak dinners, fishing trips and flights of fancy, among other trappings of the “close bonds” that we have forged with our clients in order to get the P.O.

How to Choose the Right Sales Training Provider

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So, you’ve decided to choose a sales training provider to assist you in beefing up your sales team – congratulations! Some companies are simply unwilling to devote the time and resources necessary to get to the heart of sales self-improvement – so you’ve crossed the first hurdle.

Now, it’s time to consider who, specifically, will be your partner in perfection – your tzar of training!

Sales Enablement Training When Travel Is Not Possible

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When you turn on the television today, it’s hard to avoid news about the novel Coronavirus, which is running rampant across the globe — wreaking havoc on markets and business and leisure travel and stoking fear. Though many of the world’s most dedicated scientists are working to uncover a vaccine or cure, it appears that the virus’ spread — and selective quarantines — will be fixtures for some time to come.