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Goodbye, Drop-In: Respecting Your Client’s New Boundaries for In-Person Visits


Sales Performance Research Center

As America takes its first tentative steps toward a restoration of normal activities, the definition of what “normal” represents remains a moving target.

This is particularly true for businesses, who, in addition to trying to understand what buyers’ appetites are going to be for their products and services, must also define what is an acceptable way to simply conduct business.

The Importance of Collaboration for Sales Leaders in Times of Change


Leadership Development

Through wars, terrorism, and economic crises, the power of working together, and of a shared mindset, has seen us through. But as sales leaders, it can be tough to turn to those around us. Often, the people most familiar with what we face work for our competitors. Simply by our nature, the pressures of competition, and the need to protect proprietary information, sales leaders have chosen to live on islands – islands that, given the current state of affairs, can seem even more lonely and isolating.