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Selling to the C-Suite: Five Keys to Success

Leadership Development

If selling during the pandemic has taught sales leaders anything, it’s that many of our buyers’ CEOs are taking a renewed interest in the procurement side of their business. After all, if the buck stops, truly, with them, it’s little surprise that in a time when budgets are strained and every dollar scrutinized, that CEOs are taking a more active role.

The Importance of Collaboration for Sales Leaders in Times of Change

Leadership Development

Through wars, terrorism, and economic crises, the power of working together, and of a shared mindset, has seen us through. But as sales leaders, it can be tough to turn to those around us. Often, the people most familiar with what we face work for our competitors. Simply by our nature, the pressures of competition, and the need to protect proprietary information, sales leaders have chosen to live on islands – islands that, given the current state of affairs, can seem even more lonely and isolating.

Managing Your Remote Sales Teams in the Era of Work-From-Home

Leadership Development, Sales Coaching

As you are reading this blog, it is our hope that you are both safe and healthy, and also following the guidelines for helping to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. For the majority of workers, this likely means that we are now working from home – carving out a corner of our living space to continue to MAKE a living.

In our new normal of Zoom calls and Slack messages, sales managers are grappling with an essential truth: How do I keep my now-remote employees productive and engaged? And, in particular, how do I bridge the distance between us with the kind of curated connection that keeps us communicating with purpose?

Four Sales Coaching Keys to Delivering Winning Feedback

Leadership Development, Sales Coaching

We’ve all had those moments when a colleague or manager approached us with what they called “constructive feedback” – then unloaded on us with a list of grievances didn’t seem at all to be constructive.

That said, feedback is an indelible part of sales coaching – and when it comes to evaluating and sharing perspectives with your sales team, finding the right venue and message for your reflections is absolutely critical.

Five Ways a Trusted Advisor Earns Their Customer's Devotion

Leadership Development, Sales Training

In today’s selling paradigm, it’s become clear that enterprises, too, are looking for that memorable experience when they seek out a vendor to fulfill their needs. No longer is it adequate to offer a feature and benefits dump and expect to close the deal. Instead, businesses are looking for a trusted advisor – someone knowledgeable on their company and its objectives, and able to suggest specific solutions, in detail, that will support greater efficiencies or increased sales.


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