8 Insanely Effective Posts to Find and Keep Top Sales Talent

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The value of top sales talent can’t be understated, so it pays to make sure strong performers are satisfied with their positions, engaged, and motivated to grow with you for the long-run. The key to sourcing top performing salespeople—and keeping them—is figuring out exactly what type of person can succeed in your sales environment and hire people that fit the profile.

Make sure you have a strong and motivated sales team going into the New Year with the tips and strategies found in these top talent management posts from 2016.

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How to Retain Your Top Performing Sales Reps

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3 Easy Ways to Provide Ongoing Training Plans for Your Reps

Succession Planning: How to Backfill with Good Talent

Top sales talent means something different to every organization, so successful hiring starts with determining exactly what a salesperson will need to be successful in your unique selling environment.

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Soft Skills Behavioral Interview Questions

Having an idea of the soft skills a specific position requires will help you determine whether a candidate is a good fit or not. Download our list of suggested behavioral interview questions related to specific soft skills such as:

  • Self Management
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • And more!

Drea Douglass

Drea Douglass is the Director of Talent Management Consulting at The Brooks Group. She uses her experience in the sales training and assessment business to help organizations hire the best people for their open positions, develop their existing employees, and prepare for the future with succession planning. Drea is passionate about helping people understand each other and helping clients determine how to best move forward with their people.

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