4 of the Most Popular Briefinar Episodes You Can’t Miss

4 of the Most Popular Briefinar Episodes You Can’t Miss

If you’ve never joined us for one of The Brooks Group’s Briefinars, you might be wondering, “what the heck is a briefinar?”

Let’s review it now:

noun [breef-uh-nahr]

A short webinar designed for the busy sales leader who craves quality insight—but needs it in 20 minutes or less.

We developed this series to efficiently deliver practical sales leadership tips and strategies that you can apply with your team immediately.

Check out the 4 most popular episodes in 2018 and set your team up for success in the New Year!

Additional Support for Achieving Sales Excellence

If you’re looking for additional resources to help you build and lead a sales team to high performance, we’ve got you covered.

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4 of the Most Popular Briefinar Episodes You Can’t Miss

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Finding and Keeping Top Sales Talent

There's nothing more critical to the success of your business than your people. Forward-thinking sales organizations make talent their competitive advantage by acquiring, developing, and retaining top sales talent for the needs of both today and tomorrow.


Jeb Brooks

As the Chief Culture Officer of The Brooks Group, Jeb Brooks is responsible for the initiatives that create and maintain a strong company culture. Jeb believes fervently that companies don’t grow, people do. The purpose of The Brooks Group is to help team members grow as people and professionals so that they can help clients do the same. Jeb’s work is centered around identifying opportunities for everyone to push their comfort zones and extend beyond their limits.

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