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John Morgan

Learning Information Systems Manager

John Morgan is the Learning Information Systems Manager at The Brooks Group where he brings 20+ years in the workforce with experience in the areas of technical project management, technical training design and facilitation, learning management system development and administration, and computer system administration. John works collaboratively with our sales and customer success teams to ensure our learning systems successfully deliver our program requirements.

Career & Education

When joining The Brooks Group in January of 2021, John brought with him a wide breadth of experience from his roles in the telecommunications, software development/delivery, health insurance, and healthcare technology industries. John spent the first decade of his career as a technical trainer, which included educating professionals in the use of systems and application suites such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, customer reservation systems, teleconference bridge operations, medical practice management software, insurance claim processing systems, collaborative meeting platforms, interactive white boards, and various learning platforms and technologies.

The latter part of John’s career has been focused on technical project management, implementation strategy, and computer system administration. John is now leveraging his Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, Master of Science in instructional technology, and prior professional development experience to join The Brooks Group in helping our customers succeed.

Interests & Hobbies

John lives in Asheville, NC with his wife and three children. He enjoys finding new adventures with his family and hiking with them in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. John likes to stay physically active and, when he finds the opportunity, play disc golf at the local course.