Dan Markin

Dan Markin

Vice President of Sales Strategy and Consulting

Industry Expertise

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Government

Professional Certifications

  • IMPACT Selling®

Dan Markin brings over 20 years of leadership experience to The Brooks Group and is well versed in the B2B business dynamic.

He is passionate about understanding the individual strengths of his program participants and how he can help them further develop them for greater success. Dan leverages his coaching and leadership skills to help training participants gain confidence in their ability to consult with buyers and close business at a much higher rate.

As Vice President of Sales Strategy and Consulting for The Brooks Group, Dan is committed to using innovative and practical motivational techniques and strategies that allow people and organizations to enjoy breakthrough results – often beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Career and Education

Dan received a BS in Psychology and a BS in Communications from the University of Toledo. Throughout his career he has accumulated a vast experience in leading complex sales teams and processes.

Dan has received many financial and leadership awards for driving revenue and profitability, and he has consistently cultivated and doubled sales and B2B relationships year over year.

Dan has worked with many notable clients, including:

  • Aramark
  • Bank of America
  • Pfizer
  • Stryker

Interests and Hobbies

Dan lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where he enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and aviation. He is an FAA licensed pilot, as well as a published author and recognized leader in the field of emotional intelligence.