Adam Ritchie

Group Vice President of Sales

As Group Vice President of Sales for The Brooks Group, Adam Ritchie connects sales professionals to the ideas, skills, and resources they need to make a significant IMPACT. By coaching his clients through the discovery process, Adam helps sales leaders identify what significant impact looks like to them and what strategies will help them achieve it. He has a passion for creating meaningful connections that enable sales professionals to accelerate their sales velocity and create a life of significance.

Career and Education

Adam is a self-proclaimed recovering engineer. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Western Michigan University. He went on to hold a number of engineering roles within the military defense, off-highway, and commercial vehicle industries.

After achieving an MBA from Walsh College of Business, he decided to jump into sales and business development. He was fueled by the idea of building relationships and solving problems. After a short time in sales, his management took notice, and he was promoted to the VP of Sales for a metal fabrication division of a small PE firm. The PE firm believed in the growth and development of leaders and promptly invested in Adam’s development. This was his first exposure to professional sales and leadership development, and he had found a new passion.

Most recently, being part of a leadership development startup in Metro Detroit, working with organizations in manufacturing, technology, construction, SaaS, and healthcare. He coached, facilitated, and built leadership development programs that transformed the way leaders lead.

Interests and Hobbies

When he’s not transforming the business world he can be found with his wife, son, and daughter enjoying the outdoors of Michigan. He is an avid ski instructor, mountain biker, and golfer. As a true ambivert, he loves hosting parties with his wife, but he finds great joy in being in nature and enjoying God’s creation.