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The Value of Public Sales Training: Getting Coaching and Ideas From Outside Of Your Industry

Last week, we hosted our quarterly IMPACT Selling® public sales training seminar at our conference center in Greensboro, NC.  While most of our sales training work involves private programs for client organizations, we really enjoy hosting the public, open enrollment version of this sales training program. Why?  Because it allows salespeople representing different products and services from a wide variety of different companies to mix.  I love watching the interaction, especially when 2 or more salespeople who would never normally meet have the opportunity to discuss their professional challenges and successes. In this public sales training program, we hosted salespeople selling products and services ranging from executive coaching services to complex HVAC service solutions to golf course maintenance equipment.  They probably didn’t have much in common, right?  Wrong. Aside from getting a great deal of personal enjoyment out of listening to salespeople describe the ways their companies go to market, I’ve seen some really interesting “ah-ha” moments occur in our public sales training programs when the attendees speak with one another.  Often, the solutions to some of their greatest selling challenges come not from us as sales trainers, but from each other.

Our recent IMPACT program was highly interactive and participants said they walked out with some great, new connections.


So often, it’s too easy to get caught inside of your own selling environment, facing the same challenges day in and day out and trying to apply the same industry-specific or company-specific accepted solutions. So, what does a public sales training program attendee roster have to do with you? Simply this.  Step out of the box.  Think about where you can go – outside of your normal day-to-day comfort zone – to talk to people with whom you’d normally never mix but who might have something to say that can help you. You may be really surprised about where you can find some of the simplest – yet ingenious – solutions to your challenges. - @WilliamPGBrooks