5 Skills to Help Virtual Sales

July 11, 2022
Learn skills to help virtual sales with The Brooks Group.

Sales is all about relationships. Whether you are selling to a customer in person or over the phone, the ability to build a relationship is key to success.

However, when you are selling virtual products or services, this becomes even more important. In order to be successful in virtual sales, you need to be good at relationship building and have other skills.

This blog post will discuss five skills that can help your virtual sales career.


The Ability to Build Relationships

This is the capacity to connect with others deeply and emotionally. It’s about having empathy, seeing things from another person’s perspective, and trying to connect with them on a human level.

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Building relationships is essential for any salesperson, but it becomes even more critical when selling virtually.

By its very nature, virtual selling removes the personal connection that is important to building relationships and making sales. As a result, salespeople must work harder to establish trust and credibility with potential buyers.

The ability to build relationships is essential in any business, but it’s essential in virtual businesses. You’re not working face-to-face with clients and customers in a virtual business. Instead, you communicate with them through email, video calls, and other digital channels. It can be harder to build rapport and trust when you’re not meeting in person.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your virtual sales skills. For example, the ability to build relationships can help you close more deals and develop deeper relationships with your clients.

Here are some tips for developing the ability to build relationships:

Be genuine and authentic.

People can tell when you’re being fake, so don’t try to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Show interest in the person you’re talking to.

Ask them about their lives, their families, their interests, etc. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to connect with them throughout the process of the pitch.

Seek common ground.

Find things that you have in common with other people. It could be something as simple as a shared interest or hobby. When you have common ground, building rapport and trust is more effortless, thus making the pitch more of a conversation than a sales pitch.

Be a good listener.

Virtual sales is all about communication. You need to be able to listen to what your clients and customers are saying so that you can understand their needs and offer them solutions.

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Good relationships allow salespeople to understand their customers’ needs better and wants, enabling them to sell more effectively.

In addition, strong relationships can lead to repeat business and referrals, both of which are essential for a successful sales career.

Ability to Close Deals

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What is the ability to close deals?

The ability to close deals is the art of persuasion. It’s about being able to convince someone to make a purchase, sign a contract, or agree to something.

Some people are born with this talent and some have to learn it. So if you’re not naturally good at closing deals, don’t worry – it’s a skill that can be learned. And, like any skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll become at it.

Why is the ability to close deals important for salespeople?

The ability to close deals is vital for salespeople because it directly impacts their bottom line. If a salesperson can’t close deals, they won’t make any sales and won’t earn a commission.

What are some tips for closing deals?

Are you looking to increase your closing rate with sales pitches? Here are four tips that can help you close more deals:

Build Rapport With Your Prospect

Rapport is essential for building trust and making a connection with someone. Take the time to get to know your prospect and find common ground.

Listen More Than You Talk

Good salespeople are great listeners. You need to understand your prospect’s wants and needs before offering a solution.

Be Prepared

Do your homework on the company and the decision-makers involved in the deal. The more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to close the deal.

Follow Up

Always follow up after meetings or calls with a recap of what was discussed and the next steps. This will keep the momentum going and help move the deal closer to fruition. This can also help keep all points that were made throughout the call top of mind for all that were present for the virtual meeting.

Virtual Selling Skills

The good news is that virtual sales skills training can help salespeople learn the art of persuasion and improve their ability to close deals. In addition, virtual sales training is an effective way to learn new skills and practice them in a safe, simulated environment.

Virtual sales training can provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Through virtual sales training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use body language and verbal cues effectively
  • Create rapport and build relationships virtually
  • Overcome objections
  • Close deals successfully

So if you’re looking for an edge in your virtual selling career, consider finding a digital sales training program that could help you fine tune your skills. It could be the key to success.

Time Management

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to spend your time. It can help you prioritize tasks, use time more efficiently, and avoid procrastination.

Improve time management to improve sales skills.

Time management is an essential skill for success in today’s business world. Virtual sales are no different—time management can be even more critical in a virtual setting. That’s because when you’re selling remotely, you’re not able to rely on face-to-face interactions and body language cues to build rapport and close deals.

Time management can help you improve your virtual sales by teaching you how to prioritize your tasks better, use your time efficiently, and stay organized. By learning these skills, you’ll be able to sell more effectively and efficiently close more deals.

Virtual skills training courses can help you develop these time management skills so that you can succeed in virtual sales.

Good time management can improve your virtual sales by helping you:

  • Understand what tasks are most important and need to be completed first
  • Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them
  • Avoid distractions so that you can focus on selling
  • Manage your energy levels throughout the day
  • Stay organized so that you can find information quickly when you need it

You can develop good time management skills by taking a virtual skills training course or working with a virtual sales trainer. You can improve your virtual sales and close more deals by learning how to manage your time effectively.

Master Technology

Technology training is crucial for all sales teams.

Understanding the Ins & Outs of Technology

The ability to use technology refers to the skill set required to operate different types of technologies. This includes using computers, software applications, and other digital tools.

The importance of technology in the current business world cannot be understated. In order for businesses to stay competitive, they need to be able to utilize different types of technologies effectively. For example, virtual sales is one area where technology can be used to improve sales performance.

Various types of technology can be used for selling products and services online.

Some examples include:

  • e-commerce platforms
  • live chat software
  • video conferencing tools
  • social media platforms

Each type of technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Technology can do the following:

  • Improve virtual sales in several ways.
  • Help salespeople to connect with potential customers from all over the world, regardless of location.
  • Allow salespeople to track customer data and trends more efficiently, which can lead to more effective marketing and selling strategies.
  • Make it easier for sales teams to collaborate and share information.

Technology plays a significant role in virtual sales, and those who can use it effectively will be at an advantage. From capturing leads to closing deals, understanding technology can make a world of difference for a sales team.

The ability to use technology can be developed through virtual skills training. Virtual skills training is a type of online learning that helps individuals develop the knowledge and skills needed to use specific types of software or hardware. For example, virtual sales training courses are designed to teach salespeople how to use virtual selling tools effectively.

These courses typically cover topics such as video conferencing for sales presentations, creating an engaging webinar, or using e-commerce platforms to sell products and services. The team at The Brooks Group can help your team of sales professionals better understand the technology available to them so as to improve their sales skills and help them excel. 

Customer Service Skills

The ability to provide excellent customer service is a critical skill for any salesperson. In the age of online shopping and businesses, it is more important than ever for salespeople to be able to provide exceptional customer service virtually.

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There are a few key reasons why excellent customer service skills are so important in virtual sales:

  • Providing great customer service creates repeat customers. If a customer has a positive experience with your product or service, they are much more likely to come back and purchase from you again in the future. 
  • Happy customers are also more likely to leave positive reviews about your business online. These reviews can help attract new customers and grow your business – a crucial piece of driving new leads to a sales team.
  • Providing outstanding customer service is just good business. It shows that you care about your customers and are invested in providing them with a positive experience.

So how can you make sure that you are providing excellent customer service virtually? Here are a few tips:

  • Always be responsive to your customer’s inquiries. If they have a question, make sure you get back to them quickly with a helpful answer.
  • Go above and beyond to solve any problems that may arise. Virtual sales can sometimes be tricky, so it’s important to be extra patient and understanding with your customers.
  • Take the time to follow up with your customers after they make a purchase. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in making your customers feel appreciated.

How do you develop your customer service skills?

Virtual skills training courses or programs are one of the best ways to develop your customer service skills. These training programs allow you to learn the necessary skills in a simulated environment.

This type of training is beneficial because it allows you to receive feedback and practice your skills in a safe environment.

In addition to virtual skills training, there are other ways to improve your customer service skills. You can attend workshops or seminars, read books or articles on the subject, or even take online courses. That being said, the most important thing is to put what you learn into practice. The best way to do this is by working with customers regularly and getting feedback from them.

By constantly improving your customer service skills, you will be able to increase your virtual sales and build better relationships with your customers. Virtual sales training can help you take your customer service skills to the next level and improve your virtual sales.

Tips for Building Successful Virtual Sales Teams

If you’re looking to build a successful virtual sales team, you should keep a few things in mind. Here are our top tips:

Invest in the right tools and technologies.

Your sales reps need to have the right tools and technologies at their disposal in order to be successful. This includes everything from Salesforce licenses to video conferencing software. Investing in the right tools and technologies will set your team up for success.

Clearly define roles and responsibilities.

Each member of your team should have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities within the organization. This will help ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and avoiding overlap in tasks.

Invest in a robust training program.

A comprehensive training program will ensure that your sales reps are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Sales training should cover everything from product knowledge to objection handling. Investing in a high-quality program to keep your team knowledgable and to help fine-tune their skills will be worth every penny spent.

Set clear expectations.

It’s important that you set clear expectations for your team from the outset. This includes things like quotas, activity levels, and KPIs. Setting clear expectations will help your team stay focused and on track.

Provide ongoing sales training and feedback.

Your sales reps need ongoing coaching and feedback in order to improve their performance. This should include regular one-on-one meetings as well as formal performance reviews. You can help your reps continuously improve by providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

Incentivize your sales team.

Sales reps are motivated by different things. Some may be driven by money, while others may be more interested in recognition or career advancement. It’s crucial to figure out what motivates your team and then provide incentives accordingly.

Give adequate support.

Your sales reps should have access to the resources they need to succeed. This includes things like marketing collateral, technical support, and lead lists. By giving your team adequate support, you’ll help them close more deals.

Communicate regularly.

With a virtual sales team, communication is key. You should make an effort to communicate with your team regularly, whether through email, video conferencing, or instant messaging. You can help keep your team on the same page by staying in touch.

Measure results.

It’s essential to measure the results of your virtual sales team in order to ensure that they are meeting your expectations. This can be done through things like activity reports, Salesforce dashboards, and call recording analysis. By tracking results, you can identify areas for improvement and make changes accordingly.

Building a successful virtual sales team takes effort, but it’s well worth it. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to building a high-performing team that will help drive your business forward.

Let The Brooks Group Improve Your Virtual Sales Skills

There you have it! These are our five tips to help your virtual sales. Improving your virtual sales is no easy feat, but it’s definitely possible with the right skills and training. The Brooks Group has created a variety of tools that were designed to help sales teams, just like yours, become better than ever. From virtual selling skills to negotiation training, our team is here to help you develop an unmatched team of sales professionals. 

Learn more about the variety of sales training programs available through The Brooks Group and contact our team today to get started.

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The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.
The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.

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