Solution Selling: Tips to Help You Improve Your Pitches

December 8, 2022
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Improve Your Sales Process

In the sales process, it’s critical to concentrate on the customer. Solution selling is an art that considers the customer’s needs above all, putting the problem of the target audience first instead of focusing on the product or service. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about solution selling and give you a new prospect for the sales pitch approach. We’ll discuss what it is, when to use it, and a few tips to improve your sales pitch. 

The more you know about your audience and do your preliminary research, the more effective sales pitch moments you can have with potential customers.

What is the Solution Selling

Solution selling is an alternative sales pitch strategy to the traditional selling methods of past corporations, placing the customer at the center of the sales pitch instead of the product or service. 

It operates a little like a trip to the doctor’s office – the seller determines and diagnoses the customer’s problem, then finds the correct product or service to sell the solution to, and helps with their pain points.

What is a good selling pitch?

A sales pitch to a target audience can be tricky when the sales presentation feels more like a lecture than an offer to solve a problem. The salesperson is a key professional whom the customer can feel the confidence to talk about a problem.


Assist Your Customers with Solution Selling

Sell a perfect pitch

Solution selling is an excellent tactic for a sales pitch because it allows the seller to be empathetic and care for the customer preferences. You get to help them overcome a common mistake and develop a relevant plan to address their prospects with confidence.

Now that you have the audience’s attention for your sales service, when can you use a sales pitch? Let’s discuss the ideal moments to bring solution selling into the equation.

When to Use Solution Selling

Solution selling should be used with a strategy. It’s vital to utilize a problem-oriented position only at the right time. If you don’t have the solutions or products available to help the customer, you can stunt your company’s growth with disappointment.

The best time to use solution selling is if you operate in a b2b marketplace and have a way to customize options, rather than pulling something off the shelf and handing it to a customer. Sales reps and major clients get all the benefits if they can work together to tailor a strategic, unique solution.

It’s vital to keep realistic expectations in the sales business, but plenty of excellent items and buyers come from the tactic.

Benefits of Solution Selling

Solution selling comes with many benefits; it allows you to build a closer relationship with your current customers and even improves your sales pitch as you learn more about them. 

Let’s discuss a few of the key value examples that come with solutions selling on the market.

Here are the benefits of solution sales pitching,

  • It creates deeper talking points with the buyers
  • It allows the potential to make more money
  • It permits an elevated talk
  • It lets your business stand apart from the crowd
  • It creates an emphasis on valuation in the company
  • It allows you to be a trusted advisor with great business acumen
  • It permits security between the buyer, seller, and sales team

It’s an excellent technique if you have the right products and services.

Effective Sales Pitch

There are tons of ideal things that can come with solution selling. However, you need to have an excellent sales pitch prospect if you want someone to become interested in what you have to sell. 

Let’s discuss a few ways to improve your solution sales pitch for the best results and a broad prospect.

Ways to Improve Solution Sales Pitches

strategies for the perfect pitch
It can be tricky to improve your sales pitch. There is tons of advice on pitch strategies on the internet, and you may not feel the confidence to sort through the information. Are there any ways to improve your sales pitch before hitting the market?

Here are seven of the best ways to improve solution sales pitches:

  • Focus on Insight
  • Understand Their Challenges
  • Prepare Your Questions
  • Express the Worth
  • Dig for Information
  • Make a Natural Pitch
  • Stress the Solution

These will demonstrate knowledge and make more sales.

Let’s dive into each of these techniques to improve sales pitches. The more you know, the better you can get at the process.

Focus on Insight

Insight is one of the most critical components of solution selling. The whole process banks on your ability to read the room and bring something to the customer that they did not walk in with. 

It’s critical to begin the process with insight, even before the customer sits down for the pitch. People don’t want to be sold to – if you convince them you have something they can benefit from, potential clients are more likely to find interest in the idea of sitting down with you. Provide a clear beginning.

You have a view of what is happening in the market and understand it in a way the client cannot. They value that thorough understanding. You can answer questions and provide anything else they need. Concentrate on insight to give your interested parties a reason to keep going.

Understand Their Challenges

You need to understand the challenges of the potential customers, so you can determine key points to make a value proposition for their needs. 

It’s critical to act like a doctor in this situation – the main thing on your mind should be determining the trouble of your client’s business and how you can provide the best sales service. You need to know what is wrong with them through preliminary research before you can come up with a sales strategy.

It’s critical to push into what they tell you to sell solutions. What is at the heart of what they are saying? What is the vital part of their problems in their business? What are the potential objections you should talk about?

Understanding challenges in sales business changes with experience. No matter what stage of your selling career, it’s vital to get to know your potential buyers with research and address which tips they need the most.

Prepare Your Questions

Now that you understand the pain points, you can formulate some questions to dig further. These will help you diagnose the audience and determine what they need from you.

Proper questions do not involve you, the company, or the product you want them to buy. Instead, the questions should concentrate on the customer and how you can make their troubles go away. 

It’s best to start broad. Address the situation and determine where you can go from there. As you uncover new information, get more and more specific and present visual information. Without too many words, you should be able to determine the diagnosis based on what you have to offer.

Express the Value

One of the best parts about sales pitch service is that you can emphasize the prospect of a product and what it brings to the table for the audience. You don’t need to emphasize the features or the market value to convince a customer that the product or service is what they need in their life.

Ensure you know the value of the product and what it can present and offer to the individual’s business.

Here are a few example questions to consider to help you become knowledgeable before a first meeting:

  • Does the product save a person or money?
  • Will the product make life easier?
  • How can the product change other perspectives of the buyer?

These can help you explain the product to your prospects as you determine what they need.

Ensure you go over the highlights when speaking to your prospect. Keep them concerning what the client needs, not just what you think stands out in the product or service.

Dig for Information

It might seem like you have all the information, but you need to concentrate on digging for more. Dig for knowledge until you feel like you can’t find anything more. You need to know the way and how to surround their needs with the best-selling tips. What else is buried beneath the basics of what they said?

Go along with the Customers

It can take a little while for people to come out of their shells. If they make a general statement about the state of their company, don’t go along with it. Ask further questions to determine what is happening within their system that has proven a prospect challenge.

Once you have everything, you can put your sales pitch together. It’s best to have the entire picture so you know what they need and can transition smoothly through the process with your tips.

Make a Natural Pitch

Sales pitch for the perfect customer
It’s critical to improve your sales pitch as sales reps. However, you don’t want to concentrate on your entire being on the pitch. If you do, the potential customer will notice and may be turned off by the circumstances. 

Customers need information but don’t need you to pitch in the traditional sense. They want you to connect the dots and fix the problem. 

When you provide knowledge, it’s critical to give it naturally. You aren’t lecturing them to sell a product or service – you’re having a conversation with them as an individual that can cater to your needs.

Analyze their Needs

Think of the pitch as a map. You should guide them through your product or service to determine if there is a way to address their needs to your goods and services. If it fits, you can inform them of the options. If you don’t, they can move forward to a different client who has the tools to fit their needs.

Improve your sales pitch and take on something more natural. Potential clients won’t be scared if they feel like a person is talking rather than trying to sell. Make them feel like they have entered a natural conversation and there is no pressure to come out of it with anything.

Stress the Solution

Once you speak to your client and determine their problem, it’s time to decide if you have a suggestion for them. If you do – stress the solution. Ensure you clarify that you have what they need to fix their troubles.

Focus on a method will allow the customer to feel like you have listened to them as you have diagnosed their troubles and have the answer to change their circumstances.

If you stress the solution, the buyer may notice that you have what they need. You can then focus on the product or service and tailor it to work with their needs. If they agree to the sale, you have success on your hands.

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The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.
The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.

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