What Do You Mean By Enterprise Sales Training? | Explained

March 6, 2023
Enterprise Sales Training Explained

From negotiation to messaging personalization, sales managers and employees can improve their communication skills with anybody by taking enterprise sales training.

Understanding your clients is essential to communication and sales in the business world. Mastering the art of enterprise sales can help you close deals, increase your company’s bottom line, and set your company apart from the competition.

Here’s what you need to know about enterprise sales training.

Enterprise Sales Training Explained


A Typical Enterprise Sales Cycle & Its Key Elements

Enterprise sales is the process of selling a product or service to businesses – usually to large companies that have lengthy sales cycles of six months or more. Sophisticated sales processes involve several decision-makers, 8 persons on average, from various departments within the purchasing organization.

Here are some of the most important characteristics that define the average enterprise cycle.

Relationship Building

Like any other sales process, enterprise sales requires building strong customer relationships to establish trust and credibility.

When the contract is still in its early stages, focusing on a company and communicating with its various stakeholders will help you better understand their situation and needs.

Presenting yourself with the right audience shows a commitment that will last beyond the initial sale.

Greater Stakeholder Number

According to Gartner, there are typically six to ten decision-makers in a purchasing group for a complicated B2B product. 

In an enterprise sales process, there’s a good chance that you’ll reach out to most of them (if not all) to understand the different roles and relationships between them, as well as their individual motivations for buying.

Long & Complex Sales Cycle

Compared to an SMB’s normal sales cycle of one week to 60 days, an enterprise’s typical sales cycle usually lasts for an average of 8 months. This is because of the complexity of the solution being sold and the multiple decision-makers involved in making purchasing decisions.

Large Contract Value

Since enterprises are bigger than small to medium businesses, they are more likely to use your product more frequently than their smaller competitors. As a result, the value of the contract is usually much higher – either six or seven figures.

Studies show that companies with top-notch sales enablement tools and strategies hit a 13.7% annual increase in contract value.

Risk Is High

Selling complex solutions to enterprises is usually riskier than others because of the shortage of prospective customers, longer sales cycles, and other factors outlined above.


Importance & Benefits Of Enterprise Sales Training

Enterprise Sales Training Benefits

Enterprise sales training is a subject that business owners, executives, and sales professionals should be familiar with.

This is especially true for sales teams; studies show that teams are 258% more likely to close enterprise-level deals than individual salespeople.

Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of sales training courses, as listed below:

Boosts Overall Communication

Since sales conversations are the foundation of the selling process, a solid enterprise sales training program helps you successfully interact with new and existing clients from the initial contact through closing the deal.

Build Brand Credibility By Increasing Enterprise Customers

Gaining business with companies like Cisco, Disney, Apple, and HP is no small feat. Enterprise sales training lends your company credibility and growth with such customers, giving them the confidence that you can deliver on their needs.

Long-Lasting Relationships

Most of the time, enterprise agreements materialize once you add genuine value to your interactions. Because of the lengthy enterprise sales cycle and contract, you are developing trust and connection with customers that stand the test of time.

Boost In Lead Generation Performance

Training your staff to locate and contact decision makers at potential clients is one of the best strategies a business owner can make to guarantee that their team generates highly qualified leads.

Enterprise sales training allows team members to learn a tried and tested, step-by-step plan for approaching potential customers.


Want Enterprise Sales Success? Follow These Tips!

Enterprise Sales Success

What qualifications are necessary for success in corporate sales? Being determined, persistent, and knowledgeable about effective sales strategies are all important, but there is much more to it. Proper training and guidance are essential for B2B sales teams to be successful in the enterprise sales arena.

Market a product that addresses a pressing issue

Having a skilled sales team and strong marketing initiatives is a great start, but more is needed to ensure success in enterprise sales.

Enterprises need a product or service that addresses their specific pain points and simplifies their daily lives, so it is important to market a product that can do just that. Aside from providing solutions, maintaining a high level of satisfaction with your offerings expands your potential client base.

Concentrate on your primary target client buyer persona

Sales is a game of numbers, and success in the enterprise space is no different. To increase your odds of closing a deal, you must concentrate on forging relationships and having meaningful exchanges with qualified leads to understand their deepest needs.

Deepen & build relationships with customers

In sales, building rapport or establishing trust and credibility is not about pushing a product but rather about demonstrating concern for their needs, communicating the value you can offer, and delivering the best solution for them.

Recognize the issues your clients are facing

When selling a product or service to an enterprise, it is critical that sales teams comprehend the major issues and challenges their clients face. By recognizing these, you can connect with them on a deeper level, provide better solutions to their problems, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Ensure authority on sales technology

The enterprise space is highly competitive, and it involves a lot of data analysis and technological tools to work effectively. A robust sales technology is essential to track your progress, manage your enterprise deals, and keep up with your competitors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sales model?

The sales model is the way a company markets, sells, and distributes its products or services. As a way to understand the complex nature of sales transactions, it focuses on knowing your customers’ needs and providing them with tailored solutions. A successful sales model should provide value-added service, which involves not only closing deals but also building long-term relationships.

What is enterprise sales?

Enterprise sales is a particular type of sales model that focuses on selling solutions to large businesses. It could involve helping customers transition from existing systems to more efficient ones or providing strategies for expanding into new markets. Once your sales career takes off into multi-million-a-year deals, you’re an “enterpris­e sales” professional.

What are complex sales?

Complex sales involve selling solutions to larger organizations with multiple decision-makers and stakeholders that take several months to complete. It can be challenging because it requires a deep understanding of the customer’s operations, needs, and goals.

What is the difference between a sales rep and an enterprise selling representative?

A sales rep focuses on selling products or services to individual customers, while an enterprise selling representative targets larger organizations. Aside from being knowledgeable about their industry and product/services, enterprise selling representatives use a different approach than they would for consumer products.

What are the benefits of enterprise sales training?

Some of the benefits of enterprise sales training are better communication, improved customer experience, and relationships, and increased brand credibility. With enterprise sales training, you can gain a greater understanding of industry-specific knowledge and trends to help develop better selling strategies for long-term success. The enterprise sales processes may be complex, but they are worth pursuing if you want to succeed.


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The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.
The Brooks Group teaches straightforward, actionable sales training skills to sales managers and their teams. Our IMPACT Selling® Sales Training Program has been taught to over one million sales professionals nation-wide, and we've been recognized as one of the top sales training companies annually since 2010. We also provide various behavioral and selling assessments to aide sales managers making hiring or management decisions.

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