The Winning Formula for Building the Happiest, Most Productive Company Culture

The Winning Formula for Building the Happiest, Most Productive Company Culture

As a Sales Training firm, The Brooks Group wins when our clients succeed. For that reason, we don’t do too much self-congratulating.

We recently won an award, however, that we’re happy to share.

The Brooks Group won the Happiest Company Award from TINYpulse in the Professional Consulting Services category.

TINYpulse Happiest Company Awards Winner

TINYpulse is a software that allows businesses to anonymously survey their employees—giving leaders a pulse on how happy, burnt out, or frustrated their employees are. (The software is used by companies such as Michelin, Hubspot, Deloitte, and The Brooks Group.)

Based on the anonymous responses, The Brooks Group ranked as one of the Happiest Companies in 2017.

That’s a big deal. Not only because we value our employees and want them to feel happy at work, but also because happy, engaged employees are 21% more productive, according to Gallup.

Happy employees also:

  • Go the extra mile for clients on a regular basis
  • Are proud of their company and brand, and convey that to customers
  • Stick around, rather than jumping ship when new opportunities arise

The Brooks Group’s Formula for Happy Employees

1. Start with a healthy culture

Here at The Brooks Group, we’re firm believers in intentionally building a healthy corporate culture.

As a sales-driven company, our emphasis is on building a healthy sales culture—where every employee works to support the sales function, and we celebrate our wins together.

2. Hire people who are a good fit for the position

Employees serving in a role they are well-matched with will be happier, and in turn produce excellent results for the organization.

We ensure job fit by first determining exactly what the position we’re hiring for requires for success (through our job benchmarking process.)

Next, we assess candidates using our comprehensive hiring assessment, TriMetrix.

Finally, we come to a decision on who to hire by combining the assessment results with other hiring and interviewing best practices that we’ve developed over our 40 years in business.

3. Onboard and train every employee like they’re the CEO

Every employee plays an important role in an organization (or else the role wouldn’t exist.)

The biggest mistake companies make is dropping the ball during the onboarding and training process.

High performers want structure when beginning a new job, and they need to be set up for success by their employers. That means a concrete onboarding process, and training to support the work they’re expected to do on a daily basis.

A Solution Where Everyone Wins

By following this formula, The Brooks Group ensures every employee on our team is happy, engaged, and willing to put in that extra percentage of effort each day that adds up to enormous gains for the company as a whole.

We know that hiring and training smart is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation:

Our employees are happy (as this award clearly proves).               

Our company prospers, as productivity is maximized.

And our clients benefit, by receiving the highest quality solutions, service, and ongoing relationships from some of the happiest employees in the United States.

We’re proud to receive this award, and we’re beyond happy to share what has worked so well for our company with the clients we partner with.

If you’re looking to hire the talent most likely to excel in your organization, look no further than TriMetrix. You can even try the assessment out for free to see how powerful it really is.




Rich Recchio

Rich Recchio is the Director of Marketing for The Brooks Group. Rich believes that marketing should be helpful, and not interruptive. He achieves this goal for The Brooks Group by leading a Marketing team to attract new leads with valuable resources, while helping clients discover solutions that address any barriers holding them back from continued growth and success.

Published on February 07, 2018

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