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What a Sales Manager Can Do To Motivate a Sales Team

It’s easy to become discouraged in sales. Constantly staring rejection in the face can be unpleasant. So that means it’s important to stay motivated. But, by now, everyone knows that you can’t motivate anyone but yourself. That's because motivation has to come from within. Motivation is an intrinsic sense that can’t be created by an extrinsic force (a sales manager). Salespeople have to motivate themselves. As a leader of salespeople, you face a quandary.

You’ve got to get results, but it’s not possible to “motivate your team.” The solution is to create an environment that fosters motivation. Here's how.

1. Help salespeople see the sales profession as worthy. Don’t tolerate unprofessional behavior or demeaning talk. Sales is a noble, worthy calling that everyone should be proud to claim.

2. Help your team see your organization and their product/service as necessary. Does everyone on your team understand the value they bring their prospects and customers? Do they appreciate the fact that their prospects and customers wouldn’t be as successful as they need to be without your product or service?

3. Help everyone around you understand their personal value. Remind the people you work with that they deserve to be successful and are capable and competent (as long as they really are...if they're not, that's another topic altogether). Be sure they’re fulfilled by what they’re doing.

Motivation is a key component of sales success. And it must come from within. However, it's the sales manager's job to create an environment where it can grow.