The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series in Review

Best Practices

Over the past month we’ve highlighted each of the 5 high-gain coaching activities that EcSell Institute—a research firm specializing in sales coaching, leadership, and management—has identified through their research as having the greatest impact on a sales rep’s ability and willingness to produce at higher levels.

While coaching is widely considered to have the greatest impact on sales effectiveness, formal strategies tend to be poorly executed or non-existent, according to the Sales Management Association. Their recently published research report, Best Practices for Supporting Sales Coaching, revealed that:

  • More than half (55%) of all the firms surveyed have ineffective coaching programs
  • An overwhelming 77% of firms said they don’t provide enough coaching to their salespeople
  • Implementing an effective coaching program optimized for coaching quality and quantity can help grow revenue up to 16.7% faster

The obvious takeaway is that organizations looking to drive performance and growth need to focus on high quality coaching, and more of it.

Start by incorporating high-gain coaching activities into your coaching strategy. Here’s a roundup of our Sales Coaching Best Practices Series, in case you missed them.

The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series: One-to-One Meetings

The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series: Team Meetings

The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series: Joint Sales Calls (aka Ride-Alongs)

The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series: Evaluation and Feedback

The Sales Coaching Best Practices Series: Career Development Plans

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Essential Elements of a World-Class Sales Coaching Program

"Recent study shows that while close to 90% of organizations provide some sort of coaching to their salespeople, 65% of those programs are considered ineffective." The Brooks Group recently teamed up with Training Industry, Inc., a research organization focused on getting to the bottom of current best-practices in sales team effectiveness.


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