Coaching and Reinforcement

Learn. Practice. Sell. Coach. Ensuring your team performs at its best starts with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Learning never stops – and when you consider that competitive forces, market conditions, technology, and other headwinds will conspire to constantly reshape your landscape, you need a perpetual commitment to improvement that starts at the top. If you are a sales leader looking to keep your team focused on changing goals, make The Brooks Group your partner in excellence with a host of programs and tools to empower you not just for the sprint, but for the marathon.
The IMPACT Sales Coaching System is an eight-week sales training reinforcement program that gives you the tools and insights to reinforce your sales training takeaways. The coaching system helps to ensure sales professionals are truly understanding and implementing newly learned skills with clients and prospects. Through the interactive coaching program, participants have the opportunity to apply key concepts while being guided by an expert sales coach and their fellow team members.

Pairing a sales training program with sustained reinforcement is the secret that top-performing sales teams use to stay ahead of the pack. Choose the coaching and reinforcement option that is right for you — and commit to be among the best.