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Five Steps to Awaken the Dead Deal


There’s nothing more satisfying than the afterglow of a solid sales presentation. You are certain you’ve knocked it out of the park. The presentation was flowing like a silky-smooth river. The buyer was offering expressive nods, occasional smiles, and was engaged in discussing what our future partnership looks and feels like. The proposal has been laid, virtual handshakes exchanged, and, then……

How to Resonate with B2B Buyers

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Let that sink in for a second: For generations, we have been taught that the customer is always right, and that we should win at all costs. That combination of mantras has translated to innumerable corporate golf outings and steak dinners, fishing trips and flights of fancy, among other trappings of the “close bonds” that we have forged with our clients in order to get the P.O.

Why Your New Product Launch Isn’t About Your New Product


New product launches can be exciting. They can be promising. But the truth of the matter is they’ll have little to no impact on revenue if your sales team doesn’t present your new product to their prospects and customers. Your new product launch isn’t about your new product, it’s about mobilizing your salespeople to sell it...

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