Are Members of Your Sales Team Communicating 15 Different Messages?

Consistency in Sales Messaging

Are members of your sales team communicating 15 different messages? Here’s how you can go about improving consistency in sales organization messaging.

Having a consistent sales message is one of the most important elements of success for your sales team as a whole. You need consistency in sales organization messaging so that your customers get the same message from everyone at your company with whom they interact, thereby creating a strong impression of your brand.

5 strategies for improving consistency in sales organization messaging

Document and Record Key Sales Messages

Before you can keep your sales message consistent, you have to know what it is. If you already have a message but you have never written it down, put it in writing. Your sales message should concisely define your company and the message that it needs to convey for success in sales, whether you are focusing on service or providing the best quality products in your industry.

Define Values and Visions

What is your most important concern as it relates to your company’s interaction with potential customers? What is your vision for the ideal sales call or presentation meeting? Use the answers to these questions to dictate the values and vision of your sales message. Your message should express why your company is best positioned to help its prospects, and your vision should be an example of this positioning.

Educate Internal Audiences First

This could be the most important step in attaining consistency in sales organization messaging. If your organization is not internally up to speed about your sales message, there is little chance that your customers will get a consistent message. Jamie Lacey-Moreira at Right Source Marketing writes that you should distribute your brand messaging widely within the organization, especially to people who speak for the company or create content for marketing.

Evaluate Delivery and Monitor Feedback

Once your sales message is established, you must constantly check to see that it is being delivered effectively. An easy way to do this is to have an informal conversation with both prospective and current customers. Talk to them about how they perceive your company. If this perception is inconsistent with your desired sales message, you need to keep working on your message delivery.

Create Accountability by Putting Someone in Charge

Whether it is your CEO, sales director, or head of marketing, someone must have the final say on what your sales message is. Strong leadership will help you make sure that there are no questions about what you want your message to convey and how you should reinforce consistency in sales organization messaging. It will give your sales team a singular figure to turn to for definitive answers to questions about the sales message so they can make sure they are delivering the message properly to people with whom they interact.

In today’s competitive sales environment, companies must do everything they can to separate themselves from competitors. Establishing a consistent, successful sales message will go a long way in achieving this separation, which allows your sales team to excel.

Maintain consistency in sales organization messaging by putting your desired message on paper, thoroughly dispersing the message within your organization, and evaluating its delivery to customers.  

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