5 Ways Your Salespeople Are Wasting Time

Are Your Salespeople Wasting Time? | The Brooks Group

Part of your job as a sales leader is to stay connected to your sales team’s daily habits. That doesn’t mean micromanaging, but it does mean checking in to see if they’re wasting their time—or making the most of it.

If you believe time is money, you’ll want to be sure your salespeople aren’t falling into these 5 common time-wasting traps.

1. They spend too much time chasing unqualified prospects

When your salespeople have already invested time on a lead, it’s hard for them to throw that fish back to sea. As a sales leader, you must coach your sellers to quickly and objectively evaluate whether a prospect is truly qualified, so no time is wasted chasing a deal that will never happen.

Clearly define your ideal buyer profile, and have your salespeople look for these 5 qualifying characteristics:

  • Awareness of need
  • Sense of urgency
  • Willingness to listen
  • Ability and authority to buy
  • Trust in your organization

2. They go back and forth instead of asking for the business

The length of your sales cycle will vary, and so will the number of touchpoints necessary to close a deal. But sometimes the process is dragged out longer than necessary simply because your salesperson lacks the confidence to ask for the sale.

Ideally, you should be hiring salespeople who are innately confident. Help to push your people out of their comfort zone by role playing difficult situations and having top performers share their best practices for pushing forward with stalled opportunities.

3. They overlook basic organization and housekeeping

We could all stand to be more organized, but organization is critical for salespeople who need to quickly access information related to opportunities. Searching for information is a huge waste of time—not to mention a frustrating distraction.

Make sure your salespeople are regularly updating your CRM, and check in to see that they have a solid system for organizing emails. Keep in mind, that sort of thing doesn’t always come easy for everyone, so offer coaching on inbox organization if needed.

4. They don’t have a plan in place to meet their target

Too often, we see sales leaders set a target for their salespeople and hope they find a way to reach it.

Sellers are usually great with action and execution—it’s the planning they can use a hand with. A concrete plan helps salespeople stay on track with the activities they need to be doing (today, tomorrow, and next week) to meet their target.

5. They follow an ineffective sales process (or they don’t use one at all!)

Do your salespeople know at any given time exactly which stage of the sales process they’re in with a prospect? If they’re not applying a repeatable process to every opportunity, your salespeople are wasting time.

A solid sales process is like a map for salespeople, walking them through every interaction they have with opportunities. If your whole team is following the same process, conversations and coaching are much more efficient and on target—which means shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.

Make sure your salespeople aren’t wasting time by giving them the tools they need to get organized, build a plan, and stay focused.

The Sales Territory Planning workshop will teach your salespeople to build detailed action plans that they can execute, track, and measure for success.


NOTE: Our sales training tools are designed to make your life easier. Use them to your advantage.

How to Get Salespeople to Use CRM Tools

Our most recent research study revealed that 60% of salespeople report that the sales process in their CRM software doesn’t match what happens in their day-to-day sales reality. Furthermore, only 54% of sales managers tell us they believe that their organization’s CRM software aids their team’s selling efforts.


Laura Lloyd

Laura Lloyd is a Regional VP of Sales for the Brooks Group. Laura is passionate about enabling every sales team she works with to achieve its full potential. Using her strong communication and consultative skills, Laura connects with an organization’s stakeholders to understand where the company is today, and where it needs to be in order to grow and thrive into the future.

Published on February 03, 2017

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