Selling to Different Personality Types 

Give your sales team an edge over the competition with training that helps them tailor their approach to each unique buyer when selling virtually or in-person

Why Choose the Selling to Different Personality Types Training Program? 



This customizable training program, now optimized for virtual or in-person delivery, will teach your salespeople to quickly recognize a buyer’s personality type, and adapt their selling approach to match—increasing the likelihood of selling success.

Decision makers are people, and people come in a range of personality styles. It’s important for your sales team members to understand the major personality types, how to recognize them quickly, and how to establish trust and rapport by using the communication style the buyer is most comfortable with.

The Selling to Different Personality Types training program will teach sales professionals the four DISC personality types—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance—and how they play out in a business setting. Through the activity-filled program, participants will be put in the buyer’s seat and learn how to communicate most effectively through phone, email, video and face-to-face situations.

What Are the Personality Types Participants

Will Learn to Recognize?

Participants will learn to identify a prospect or customer’s personality profile and communication style based on the DISC personality assessment. The tool classifies behavior into four personality types with common behavioral characteristics and attitudes and is key to understanding the decision-making style.

With this information, your team members will be able to approach in neutral, quickly identify behavior style, and adapt their approach to be most effective.

Recognizing the behavior type of the customer will allow your salespeople to determine:

The right probing questions to ask
The most effective types of proof to provide
The benefits that should be highlighted
And the proper pace of the conversation

Who is This Program Intended For?

Selling to Different Personality Types is an ideal program for any sales team looking to gain an edge over the competition, adjust their selling strategy to match their buyer’s ideal style, and reduce unwanted friction that keeps buyers resistant to making purchasing decisions. Fun and engaging, participants are guaranteed to enjoy the experience and gain tactical, actionable ways to improve their success with customers.

Program Benefits


Participants will discover their own “behavioral DNA” and how it affects every interaction they have with prospects and customers

Close Rates

Sellers learn specific ways to interact through each stage of the sales process to communicate value and appeal to the preferences of the buyer

Improved Client

Easy to implement communication strategies allow participants to tailor their communication to gain trust and build a strong, ongoing relationship with each client

Enhanced Team

Straightforward communication tips and coaching reports remove unnecessary conflict so your team can focus on what’s important

What’s included in the training program?

  • Three, two hour virtual sessions* OR 1 day of in-person training* of practical, easy to implement strategies presented by one of our expert sales effectiveness trainers
  • The Selling to Different Personality Types workbook
  • Sales Behavior Coaching Report (25 pages) to help reps recognize their own strengths and blind spots—and effectively communicate with different buying styles
  • Words for Winning with Each Behavior Type worksheet
  • Follow-up with the Qstream mobile reinforcement tool

    *Program length customizable based on your organization’s unique needs and experience with the IMPACT process

What’s included in the training program?

Selling to Different Personality
Types Program Overview

  • DISC and IMPACT Selling Fundamentals
  • Effective Sales Communication
  • Building Sales Conversations
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Next Steps

Enable your salespeople to develop stronger, more profitable relationships with clients with the Selling to Different Personality Types training program.

“We use ‘buyer styles’ as a way to differentiate our salesforce from our competitors—it has become embedded in our sales culture to such an extent that we never have a discussion or strategy session without understanding the buyer styles involved.

It’s the ‘special sauce’ in our sales culture that allows us to outsell our competition, because we ‘sell’ to our clients the way they want to be ‘sold.’ Our competitors sell everyone the same way; while we tailor each client interaction based on that buyer’s specific preference for communication.”


David Finch
Owner, ATCOM Business Telecom Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does each participant take their own personality assessment before the course?
Prior to the program, each participant will be asked to complete their own personal Sales Behavior Coaching Report. This 25-page report will give them powerful insight into their own personality traits and communication style along with the knowledge, skills, and tactics they need to optimize their approach to more smoothly deal with the behavioral types of their prospects and customers.

Do participants need prior training in the IMPACT selling process to complete this course?
While the fundamentals of the IMPACT process will improve overall effectiveness, participants aren’t required to have previous knowledge of the system to complete this course.

The course can be customized to include an overview of the IMPACT principles, making this program a great option for team members already trained in IMPACT who need a refresher, or for participants unfamiliar with IMPACT.

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