17 1/2 Things That Might Be Destroying Your Sales Team [Infographic]

Determining what's holding your sales organization back can be confusing. Use this infographic to help you make a little more sense out of what may - or may not be - hindering your team's efforts. 17½ Things That Might Be Destroying Your Sales Team

The first step in improving your sales team's performance is determining where you are today. The Brooks Group's Discover phase takes a deep dive into your sales team's day to day reality, uncovering the strengths, challenge areas, and current performance levels of your team members. 


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NOTE: Our sales training tools are designed to make your life easier. Use them to your advantage.

Essential Elements of a World-Class Sales Coaching Program

"Recent study shows that while close to 90% of organizations provide some sort of coaching to their salespeople, 65% of those programs are considered ineffective." The Brooks Group recently teamed up with Training Industry, Inc., a research organization focused on getting to the bottom of current best-practices in sales team effectiveness.


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As the CEO of The Brooks Group, Will draws on his leadership, marketing, sales, sales management, and operational experience to help develop and execute the company’s overall growth strategy. Having been in the human capital development industry his entire career, helping organizations reach their full potential through transformational change is a part of Will’s DNA. By putting his name on every single engagement, Will assumes a personal commitment to the success of every client.

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