Maximum IMPACT Sales Enablement

A 4-Dimensional Approach to Your Sales Training Initiative from Discovery to Ongoing Development

Sales training that actually gets results is more than just a one-time event. The Brooks Group takes a holistic approach to sales performance improvement, and our organizational change management process is designed to achieve sustainable results and client ROI.

With the right steps in place, learned skills and processes will quickly become the new normal for your team members—and you’ll see a permanent improvement of your organization’s sales culture.

our 4d process

4-Dimensional Approach to Sustainable Sales Force Transformation™

The Brooks Group’s approach to helping you build and sustain top-performing business development programs and an effective sales force is based on a proven “whole business” change management approach using a 4-step process.

Our unique transformational process addresses a variety of challenges and opportunities facing your team, ranging from what’s actually happening in the field pre-training, all the way to reinforcing and coaching the sales process on an ongoing basis.

4-Dimensional Approach to Sustainable Sales Force Transformation
our 4d process


A deep dive into your sales organization’s day-to-day reality will help us gain a baseline understanding of your team, your marketplace, your opportunities, and your challenges.

  • Reveal the current state of your talent — do you have the right people in the right places?
  • Get a baseline check on your sales culture health — where are you strong and where can you improve?
  • Define your sales training objectives — how can we work with you to measure success?


Our expert curriculum designers will work with key stakeholders in your organization to combine the information uncovered during the Discover Phase with your organizational objectives.

  • Get buy-in across your sales organization with content that hits home
  • Minimize the negative impact of day-to-day disruptions with training that integrates into your existing systems and process
  • Set the stage to achieve success long term today


Your customized curriculum will be delivered using the most effective learning methodologies, in the formats that make sense for your unique situation. Live Instructor-Led, Distance Learning, eLearning, or a blended combination.

  • Increase participant engagement with accountability, gamification, and incentive-based training
  • Manage resistance with a curriculum that mirrors your selling environment
  • Improve your sellers’ self-awareness and communication skills with personal assessments


We’ll work with your internal stakeholders to incorporate ongoing reinforcement strategies. An emphasis on sales coaching ensures new skills and processes stay alive inside of your team on a permanent basis.

  • Reinforce new behaviors with an online, industry-leading coaching platform
  • Maximize ROI with Real-Time coaching sessions using your sales reps’ current opportunities
  • Master the basics, and continually improve performance with advanced selling skills and strategies

Benefits of the Maximum IMPACT Sales Enablement Approach:

Creates alignment within your organization on your short and long-term strategic goals
Creates alignment within your organization on your short and long-term strategic goals
Creates alignment within your organization on your short and long-term strategic goals
Provides you with a clear path for achieving the organizational goals you’ve identified
Creates alignment within your organization on your short and long-term strategic goals
Allows you to maximize the time and budget you’ve allotted for training
Creates alignment within your organization on your short and long-term strategic goals
Establishes buy-in from the entire organization for your sales enablement initiative

Creating a “New Normal”

Off-the-shelf sales training can leave organizations with a big bill—and not a lot to show for it. Using the 4-D approach elevates sales training from a “one-time event” to a permanent shift in the way your organization does business.

Your team members will begin marching to the same beat with a common language and a concrete sales process that your management team can coach to. The skills learned in training will quickly become the “new normal” for your sellers, and each new rep you add to your team will swiftly fall into lockstep with the strengthened sales culture.

Ready to make sales excellence your organization’s “new normal?” Let’s start a conversation.