Sales Negotiation Training

Protect Margins, Stop Price-Cutting Competitors, and Increase Profitability

This sales negotiation skills training course will teach your sales reps the skills needed to prevent discounting and sell MORE at premium prices.

Sales Negotiation Skills Training Benefits

Recognize Buyer Negotiation Tactics

Learn how experienced buyers think, and understand the role of customer pride in negotiations

Protect Your Price and Increase Your Margin

Learn 6 easy negotiation tactics to hold firm against price-obsessed buyers

Win Against Competitive Price Pressure

Use 5 competitive advantages to differentiate your offering and sell value over price

Avoid Price Objections Completely

Identify value-driven buyers and overcome habits that invite price cutting

Why Choose this Sales Negotiation Course?

In this engaging and interactive course, available in-person or virtually, your sales team will learn strategies to communicate value and hold firm on price. 

They’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of effective negotiation using a buyer-focused sales process, and techniques to prevent sales objections from prospects and customers before they ever surface.

Your sales professionals will walk away with the negotiating skills to close deals that might otherwise be dead-locked, and dramatically improve your bottom line profits.

Who Is This Program Designed For?

Sales leaders and sales reps looking to master the negotiation strategies and techniques needed to outsell the competition—while maintaining healthy margins.

Client Testimonials

“We constantly preach the importance of margins as we have far greater potential to positively influence that outcome, than gross sales revenue itself. A few points on the top line translate to huge gains on the bottom line. The Brooks Group’s insight to help us get there have made a huge difference.”

—James MacDonald
President, R.F. MacDonald Co.

“The content of this workshop helps salespeople be more effective when competing with lower-priced competitors by increasing their awareness of what is actually happening when price seems to become the issue. The program gives them tools to overcome these situations.”

—Rob Verwilligen
Director of Sales and Marketing, American Augers

What’s included in the sales negotiation training program?

  • Option of one day in-person learning or two days of two-hour-long virtual learning sessions

  • Personal assessment and selling skills analysis to help reps recognize their natural selling tendencies and how they impact the negotiation process
  • The Sales Negotiation Training workbook
  • How to Sell at Margins Higher than Your Competitors, the best-selling book co-authored by our founder, Bill Brooks
  • Follow-up consulting with one of our expert sales strategists

Give your salespeople the negotiation skills needed to build value and sell more at premium prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the negotiation skills workshop?
The Sales Negotiation Training course is typically delivered in a single day session for in-person learning or two days of two-hour-long virtual learning sessions. 

How can the program be customized?
Customized programs include learning tools that incorporate the terminology, examples, learning activities, and case studies that are relevant to your organization’s unique sales environment, and reflect your real-world negotiation challenges.

How will the assessment results be used?
Prior to the program, each participant will take a personal assessment and selling skills analysis. The results reveal the salesperson’s strengths and development areas relative to selling skills that are essential to effective negotiations.

Salespeople will also learn how their natural tendencies influence their approach to negotiations, creating a personalized learning experience.

Additionally, participants will learn to recognize and adapt their personal style to their buyers—improving client relationships and facilitating trust with stakeholders.

Will participants learn about building client relationships?
Yes! Sales professionals will learn to uncover the wants and needs of decision makers, and present solutions that represent win-win outcomes for both parties involved. A successful negotiation rooted in mutual benefit will build trust and lead to long-term relationships with your clients.


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Ready to improve your sales team’s negotiation skills? A representative from The Brooks Group can help get you started.