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A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals

Equip your team with the consultative selling skills to close more deals, more often - while minimizing time out of the field

There are a number of of sales training courses offered around the world, but none can compare to the IMPACT Selling Seminar – now available in a convenient virtual format.

The Virtual IMPACT Selling Seminar is led in real time by an instructor, and teaches participants the IMPACT sales process—a structured, six-step process that sales professionals can easily learn and apply immediately with opportunities to increase their success.

The 9-week blended course is virtually led by one of The Brooks Group's expert facilitators and includes live, instructor-led training, online learning assignments, and follow-up with the Qstream® reinforcement tool.

The Virtual IMPACT Semniar

What Will Salespeople Learn in the Virtual Workshop?

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What's Included:

  • Nine virtual training sessions delivered in real time by one of our expert sales effectiveness trainers
  • Personal assessment and selling skills analysis to help sales reps recognize their own strengths and development areas within the sales process, and how they interact with buyers
  • The IMPACT Selling course workbook to guide attendees through each stage in the selling process
  • Sales Techniques, the best-selling book authored by our founder, Bill Brooks—along with audio files
  • Sales Tools and Resources - Practical sales tools and resources that reps can use the very next day to improve win rates
  • Q-Stream — a gamified, mobile reinforcement application to strengthen newly learned selling skills

Who is the program designed for?

Nothing can replace the effectiveness of live classroom training. That being said, the Virtual IMPACT Selling Seminar is a good fit for the following:

Salespeople who can’t be taken out of the field for 2 days of live training

Salespeople who can’t be taken out of the field for 2 days of live training

Inside sales reps looking for an opportunity to grow to the next level

Inside sales reps looking for an opportunity to grow to the next level

New sales hires joining a team already trained in IMPACT Selling

New sales hires joining a team already trained in IMPACT Selling

Virtual IMPACT Selling® Seminar Agenda

Session 1

IMPACT Selling Fundamentals

Session 2

Selling Skills Index & The Talent Insights Assessment

Session 3

The Investigate Step

Session 4

The Meet Step

Session 5

The Probe Step

Session 6

The Apply Step

Session 7

The Convince Step

Session 8

The Tie-It-Up Step

Session 9

Next Steps

Meet Your Virtual IMPACT Selling Seminar Sales Trainer

Dan Agne

Dan Agne

Dan Agne is a high-energy leader, facilitator, coach, and consultant with the ability to inspire learners to be authentically trustworthy in both their professional and personal lives. His passionate and approachable style keeps training participants engaged, willing to learn, and open to self-improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the IMPACT Selling Seminar?
This course is designed for both new and seasoned salespeople looking to improve their sales performance and use their time as effectively as possible. For sales teams who have already been trained with IMPACT Selling, this virtual seminar is a great opportunity to get newly hired salespeople up to speed. Additionally, the program is a fantastic option for training inside sales reps looking to advance their careers, or reps who can’t be removed from the field for 2 full days of training.

What does IMPACT stand for?
IMPACT Selling was developed by the late Bill Brooks and has been presented to over 1 million sales professionals over the last 4 decades. The easy-to-remember acronym outlines the 6 stages of the sales process—Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, and Tie-it-Up. The process is simple, making it more likely for salespeople to apply it in the real world. But behind the simplicity is a powerful system that allows salespeople to connect with buyers and guide them effortlessly to the close.

What other sales techniques are covered in the training?
The steps of IMPACT Selling cover every stage of the sale from prospecting all the way to closing and post-sale communication. Participants will also learn presentation skills, sales negotiation skills, how to handle objections, and ways to build strong relationships with customers.

What will my salesperson get out of an online training seminar?
The Brooks Group incorporates best practices in virtual learning to keep sales participants engaged and invested in the course content. Your reps will walk away with selling skills they can implement the very next day, and the confidence to approach each selling interaction with a winning attitude.


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