Selling Virtually with IMPACT Training Program

In 6 two-hour virtual instructor-led training sessions your salespeople will learn a straightforward sales process that will get them closing more deals virtually.

Why Choose the Selling Virtually with IMPACT Training Program?

A customized, virtual instructor-led sales training program allows you to stretch your training budget further by eliminating travel expenses and reduce the need to remove reps from the field for an extended period of time.

IMPACT Selling has been taught to over one million sales professionals around the world and now includes virtual selling skills in a virtual instructor-led training format.

Our course consisting of 6 two-hour sessions will be virtually led by one of The Brooks Group’s expert facilitators and includes live, instructor-led training, online learning assignments, and follow-up with the Qstream® reinforcement tool.

What will your Salespeople learn in the Selling Virtually with IMPACT Training Program?

Effective questioning skills to uncover wants and needs

Sales reps will learn which questions to ask during sales calls—and how to ask them—to uncover a buyer’s needs and present relevant benefits

A predictable path for closing the sale

Your sales reps will know exactly where they are in the selling process at any given moment, and clear action steps for moving the sale forward

Pre-call planning and positioning strategies

Salespeople will learn to research prospects, their companies, and their industry to be seen as expert advisers during the consultative selling process

Prospecting techniques to fill the pipeline with qualified leads

Sales reps will learn effective prospecting strategies to generate new opportunities and apply consistent qualifying criteria to focus their time and effort

How to sell on value and increase margins

Your salespeople will learn sales strategies to differentiate themselves and your products and services, manage objections, and sell on value

Different prospect buying styles and how to adapt to them

Sales reps will learn to identify different personality styles and tailor their sales conversations to match each one


Session 1 (2 hours)


  • Welcome

IMPACT Selling Fundamentals

  • Master the most important principle behind IMPACT Selling

  • Use the five Characteristics of Qualified Buyers to understand how to focus your time and efforts

  • Identify the steps and rules of the IMPACT Selling system

  • Recognize customer needs vs. wants and how to identify solutions that they seek with your product/service

Session 2 (2 hours)

Uncovering Your Personal Selling Style (Sales Assessment Results)

  • Understand your sales behaviors, motivators, and selling skills

  • Identify your strengths and development areas as a salesperson

  • Effectively adapt personal style to improve customer interactions

The Investigate Step

  • Recognize the importance of the 3P’s: Positioning, Prospecting, and Pre-Call Planning

  • Implement strategies to improve your positioning as a strategic resource

  • Identify your most effective prospecting strategies

Session 3 (2 hours)

The Investigate Step (continue)

  • Pre-qualify buyers

  • Prepare for an effective sales call

The Meet Step

  • Engage the buyer and turn a potential resister into an avid listener

  • Identify behavior styles and effectively adapt your own style to communicate more effectively

  • Use a Statement of Intention (SOI) to initiate your business conversation

  • Bridge to the Probe Step by asking for permission to ask questions and take notes

Session 4 (2 hours)

The Probe Step

  • Understand the functions of the Probe Step

  • Identify a variety of questioning types and how they fit into a strategic sales conversation

Session 5 (2 hours)

The Probe Step (continue)

  • Bridge smoothly to the Apply Step by confirming that you understand your buyer’s greatest needs, challenges, and priorities

The Apply Step

  • Show your buyers precisely how your recommended product or service meets their need, solves their problem, or resolves their issue

  • Make the correct recommendation in such a way that your buyers see, feel, and experience the application of the product or service

  • Manage objections

Session 6 (2 hours)

The Convince Step

  • Utilize targeted strategies to prove your claims at the appropriate point in the sale

  • Confirm your prospect’s buying decisions

The Tie-It-Up Step

  • Ask the buyer to make a commitment

  • Negotiate and finalize the sale

  • Reinforce the sale by complimenting the buyer on their decision and establishing follow-up standards

Next Steps

  • Develop an implementation plan for the three most critical ideas, strategies, or concepts to implement

Final Thoughts

  • Review key points and highlights from the IMPACT Selling Program

Client Testimonials

What’s Included:

  • 6 two-hour virtual training sessions delivered in real time by one of our expert sales effectiveness trainers
  • Personal assessment and selling skills analysis to help sales reps recognize their own strengths and development areas within the sales process, and how they interact with buyers
  • The IMPACT Selling course workbook to guide attendees through each stage in the selling process
  • Sales Tools and Resources – Practical sales tools and resources that reps can use the very next day to improve win rates
  • Q-Stream — a gamified, mobile reinforcement application to strengthen newly learned selling skills

Who is the program designed for?

Selling Virtually with IMPACT is designed for today’s sellers challenged with the new virtual normal.

  • Travel bans and concerns or inability to take reps out of the field
  • You have a large or widely dispersed sales force
  • Global uncertainty has decreased your L&D budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Selling Virtually with IMPACT Instructor-Led Training designed for?
This virtual training program is designed for sales organizations looking to train their sales team in a convenient, online format. The program can be fully customizable to reflect the unique challenges your sales team is faced against every day in the field, and is a great option when there is a need to cut back on travel expenses and time spent out of the field.

What does IMPACT stand for?
IMPACT Selling was developed by the late Bill Brooks and has been presented to over 1 million sales professionals over the last 4 decades. The easy-to-remember acronym outlines the 6 stages of the sales process—Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, and Tie-it-Up. The process is simple, making it more likely for salespeople to apply it in the real world. But behind the simplicity is a powerful system that allows salespeople to connect with buyers and guide them effortlessly to the close.

What other sales techniques are covered in the training?
The steps of IMPACT Selling cover every stage of the sale from prospecting all the way to closing and post-sale communication. Participants will also learn presentation skills, sales negotiation skills, how to handle objections, and ways to build strong relationships with customers.

What will my sales team get out of an online training program?
The Brooks Group incorporates best practices in virtual learning to keep sales participants engaged and invested in the course content. Your reps will walk away with selling skills they can implement the very next day, and the confidence to approach each selling interaction with a winning attitude.

What kind of reinforcement does the program include?
To reinforce the skills learned in the Selling Virtually with IMPACT Instructor-Led Training Program, each participant will be enrolled in Qstream, a gamified application designed to deliver reinforcement tips and quizzes over a 3-month period to solidify new concepts learned in training.

Qstream can be easily accessed on any IOS or android device, as well as through email or The application includes access to Sales Manager dashboards highlighting the strength and challenge areas of individual sales reps so leaders can provide the most effective coaching.

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