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Bridge the Gap between OEM and Distributor with a Customized Virtual Channel Sales Training Solution

When you rely on distribution partners to sell your product, it can feel as though sales performance is out of your control. The fact is, original equipment manufacturers can directly influence the performance of their dealers, and it can be done in a way that benefits both the supplier and the resellers involved.

The real problem with ineffective teams is that it’s often hard to identify what challenges are holding the sales team back. The key to understanding the reasons behind a team’s success – and more importantly – how a team can be more successful is to evaluate the group at a “people level” using some sort of a validated assessment tool.

The Brooks Group has over 40 years of experience working with manufacturers to optimize their go-to-market strategy. Through that time, we’ve gained in-depth knowledge on channel management and discovered that an effective channel sales training program must be customized with both manufacturer and dealer input.

Manufacturer Input

As a manufacturer, you know your product and its strategic benefits. Your input is key in developing training materials and solutions.

Key Channel Partner Input

Customizing a program based on a dealer’s unique sales environment and sales force challenges creates credibility and buy-in, ultimately increasing the ROI of the training.

A customized virtual program overcomes the challenge of influencing and improving a sales force that doesn’t report directly to you. We’ll work with stakeholders from your company and your key channel partners to design a training program that achieves a win-win for all parties involved.

Manufacturer Benefits

You’ll have greater influence in motivating channel sales representatives to promote your product over others. Channel partner enablement will improve your market share and profit margin.

Key Channel Partner Benefits

Sales skills training will improve the performance of channel sales professionals, allowing them to sell all products more effectively and increase overall revenue.

Hear one client’s experience with IMPACT sales training and the success that’s come from the channel sales enablement program

The Brooks Group’s Method for Improving Dealer Performance

Based on what has worked best for our many clients executing channel sales training, we’ve developed a proven method for maximizing the success of a training initiative. The process includes:


  • Collaborating with stakeholders to identify short and long-term sales enablement goals
  • Introducing the partner program and strategy to dealers strategically to drive enthusiasm
  • Customizing the training with input from the dealer and their sales leaders to guarantee buy-in
  • Training salespeople across the network with the IMPACT sales process
  • Delivering Sales Management training to ensure process adoption
  • Providing dealers with assessment tools to source, coach, and retain top sales talent

“We were looking to take our conversations to a higher level with dealer principals – speaking in terms of revenue growth, profitability growth, cost reduction, employee engagement, customer satisfaction. With a process like IMPACT, it gave us the research, the probing, the investigation that we needed to understand their business better and speak on a higher level.”

channel sales training

Maxsle Butler
Vice President of Parts Sales
Volvo Trucks North America/CEO

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If you’re challenged with channel partners who aren’t selling enough of your product at high margin, targeting the salespeople within your network is the solution you need.

The Brooks Group provides the following sales training solutions for dealership distribution:

Hiring Assessments

The first step in any sales training initiative is making sure the right people are in place to do the job. Incorporating comprehensive assessments and selling skills reports into a training program ensures that dealers are hiring the best talent, and allows sales managers to coach reps in the most effective way.

Customized Virtual Sales Training

IMPACT Selling is a straightforward sales process that sales reps can easily learn and adapt to a wide range of products and selling situations. Through customized instructor-led training, salespeople will learn the skills needed to translate a product’s technical advantages to business benefits, while maintaining margin.

Program Reinforcement

Our real-time sales coaching and reinforcement programs solidify the training, and ensure that reps don’t revert back to old habits. Management training and reinforcement teaches sales managers to coach reps in the most effective way.

Every company will have a unique channel strategy and business development plan, but you can rest assured that The Brooks Group knows what works with dealership distribution.
Through customized sales hiring and sales training solutions, we’ve helped our customers improve their channel dynamics and grow their revenue and market share.

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OEM Gains $2.4 Million in Revenue by Providing IMPACT® Selling Training for Underperforming Dealer Network

Like many industrial OEMs, this company relied on distribution networks to sell its products and was facing an ever-changing, increasingly competitive marketplace with serious challenges.

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